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Where the heck did Trout go???

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So, I'm leaving for work the other morning, and I am trying to account for Trout to make sure she is alright before I, I'm lookin high and low..and this is where I find her:

Somehow she managed to cram herself into the closet on the otherside of where the clothes hang

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Oh Trout, what a clever hiding place!

How do they keep finding these new places to hide, how did she look at that and think, "that would be a comfy place to sit!"

I have seen a photo of kitty sitting IN a load of hangers!
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Lucy did that once to me where she was on the back side of the hangers. Not sure how she did that one other than using her claws to climb up.

Cute picture of Trout.
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Trout you silly girl!! Oh I hope she didn't ruin any of your clothes!!
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aww...................she saying " mom you were supposed to count to 100 "
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Awww, Trout, your so cute!
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how on earth did she get there??
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I think she is saying excuse me I was resting. How did she get there.
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haha, I love how she's peeking over the hangers at you
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I have NO idea how she gets in there..I'm sure it has something to do with clawing my clothes and climbing up and squeezing through...

I did see some claw marks in my clothes...
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When mine were younger, they used to do that and they used my clothes to climb to the top. They ruined some clothes this way. They were really lucky I love them so much.
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What a silly girl!
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Trout was playing hide and seek with Meowmy!
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Looks like a good hiding spot to me.
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She's so cute! Love her red eyebrows.
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You were not supposed to be able to see him there! Mephistopheles and Tatsu do the same thing....hehehehe
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Silly kitty! Good spot!
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Natalie I love these pics of Trout....she has those sexy "bedroom" eyes going on! What a pretty little lady!
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