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Just how much IS a Short-hair supposed to shead?

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Finn's almost 6 months old now, and I've noticed that he's shedding like crazy. Not shedding to the point of bald spots, but his hair is everywhere!

He's not stressed or pulling out his own hair, and I do try to brush him regularly (key word here TRY... he thinks its a game and tries to hunt the brush.) He is my first fuzz-but so I wouldn't know how much 'normal' is.
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Cat hair everywhere here in this house!
All mine shed to some point. Brushing will help.
Good luck and enjoy your new fur lined outfits!
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You might want to invest in a good pair of grooming gloves, this eliminates the "chase the brush" game and allows you to give a more thorough grooming session for you cat as you simply pet instead of brush. You can also start adding a little bit of oil to your cat's food, cod-liver oil, fish oil, even corn oil will work. Just a small amount will help the coat to keep some of that hair intact. Good luck!
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I have moved this over to Care & Grooming. When you find a solution, count me in. I am here because my vacuum has overheated sucking up cat hair this morning!
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I also have this problem. As a matter of fact it seems that my short hair cats shed more than the long hair ones. When I pet them hair comes of on my hands but it's not the case with the long hair ones. I find it very strange.
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ALL of my shorthairs have shed more than the longhairs. The same goes for my dogs.
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I've noticed the same thing, my domestic shorthair sheds a lot, all the time, while the longhaired Maine Coon only sheds a lot a few times a year for a couple of weeks, and at other times doesn't shed much at all. If I forget to vacuum the "padding" in the kitty tree where the shorthair likes to sleep, after a few weeks, you won't recognize the fabric underneath, since it has a thick coating of white cat hair...

I haven't found anything that would lessen the shedding much, I just figure it's needed, she has so much hair even if it's short and the dead ones do need to come off, so that's that. Combing her weekly or more does help, but it won't help so much I wouldn't have cat hair all over the place. I just try to buy everything I bring into the house in such materials that kitty hair won't stick to it that bad, like the leather couches, and always make sure cushion covers are of a material that doesn't gather cat hair too bad... And warn guests that come over that their clothes will be covered with cat hair, so wear something you don't mind getting cat hair on.
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for the tips. I will try some of them. Fortunately both hubbby and me have a pretty casual decorating style so the addition of cat hair just adds a little flair to the decor.

As for the vacuum... We're waiting for a part ourselves, and it's a toss-up as to who's hair is to blame. Finn or me... (mine's hip-length) maybe I should try adding cod-liver oil to my diet!
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