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Braveheart and Valiant coming home (temporarily)

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Hurray! Valiant and Braveheart are coming back to me today, so I can a) repair the damage done at the shelter (shy guys get scared and timid)

b) and work on finding them loving understanding homes, where there are no kids or scary things, just love and a genuine understanding of what they need as former feral kittens.

It will cost me 200 dollars, and someone is fronting for me, but its getting done. I need my head read - I could leave them there a bit longer, but I am not sure it would be good for them. They looked so *scared* in their photos -

check out the arlington animal welfare league and look for them on the cats for adoption page...

Valiant is HUGE. I always thought he'd grow into a giant, and I'm sure not wrong. The shelter says he is 6 months, but that's flat out wrong - I had him at 6 weeks, so he is only 5 months old... ditto on Braveheart.

They have had their medical, and I will place them in good homes, provided I have references etc.

Everyone, PRAYERS I find a rescue group or that my vet will take them into the adoption program she has. (They always get good homes there).

That way, they will get loving foster care while waiting for a home, and not go through the trauma of being trapped and cooped up in a cage all day...

I am going to pray right now - my coworker might take Braveheart - and then that would leave me just Valiant who is very much more outgoing and less shy ... he could be homed without much trouble...

And of course, if anyone out there is in the Va area, and really wants a huge main coon style cat, let me know - cause Valiant is definitely going to wind up *big* LOL!!

Lastly, if you know of anyone who wants one of these beauties - pm and let me know! They really are VERY adorable..and ready to pounce and hunt and play their socks off!

Hugs and request for prayers that I find them good homes and have some support and help in doing it. (Because it is a financial drain I can ill afford, but one I felt compelled to take on...since I rescued and tamed them, they can't go back outside...)

Cheers all and wishes for a good Xmas season for the rescue groups.
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Okay Brave may have a home! My coworker is very tempted and is coming by to look at over the weekend. He is SUCH a great cat (they both are) and I hope he wins her over, she falls in love and MUST have him, LOL!!

She would be a great kitty Mom, and her kitties (2 3 yer olds) would probably like him alot...

It would mean splitting the pair, but I am willing if it means good homes.
Meantime, prayers for me, working on getting into my vet's adoption program!

Thanks all!
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Sending lots of vibes that the little guys get homes and lots of prayers for you too!
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My vet is taking Valiant and Brave into her program! YAYYY. This means really good quality homes will be found for them, they will get to take breaks and come home and visit with me, if they stay too long in the cages at the vets AND that they will get all their meds free! They've been fixed and chipped, tested and first dewormed. They still need the vaccines..

So, all in all this is turning out better than I could hope / expect. Thanks to ALL on the boards who helped and prayed and worried with me. I really appreciate your support. 2 feral kitties will no longer make babies AND have good indoor homes.
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What wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Prayers that Braveheart and Valiant find their way home (wherever that may be).
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
Prayers that Braveheart and Valiant find their way home (wherever that may be).
Yes and good for you for looking after these two babies!
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Sending lots of prayers that these two sweeties find loving, patient forever homes.
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So Brave and Valiant are at the VETS! Yayyy. They are adorable fluffies
and will find GREAT homes soon. The vet will socalize to noise and dogs, and put them on display in the waiting room. One day, someone (SOON PLEASE) will see them and want!!

Meantime, I get to take them home on weekends should they stay longer than 6 weeks in the cage and need a break or something... Nice, eh?

In other news, my two oldsters are mysteriously ill, we hope the kittens didn't bring something in from the AAWL shelter .. they were healthy when they went there.. so.... but its always a possibility...

vomiting blood and bloody dirreah.. we had them tested for parasites, blood work and worming. Lots of IV fluids for both and nutrical and KMR for the two because one (getting better) still won't eat, the other one (still not well) refusing to eat needs to be force fed...

prayers for those two oldsters please! And thanks to all for interest in brave and valiant. They're going to do great. Whoever adopts will have wonderful loving purring fur kids!
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I've merged these three threads so that people can keep up with the whole story.
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Sending vibes that Brave and Valiant find their forever home

And many vibes headed your way for your babies, too.
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So far, no call-back from the shelter... hoping I won't get fined/go to jail - LOL - hope they find a home, hopefully together.
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Just great news from my vet! Yesterday - after being at
the vet's for only 5 days!!! Brave and Valiant were taken
home as a PAIR! The adopter came highly recommended by
one of the vet's long time clients. The owner is a young
gentleman who fell in love with the kitties when he saw
them on Monday. I was there with Diablo for vet
visit, and spoke briefly with him... he was captured by
them,clearly, but Mom and Dad were'nt ready to hear
about another pet (they had dog). so, fingers crossed
the guys to do well.

IMHO they were the most friendly outgoing least afraid
kitties there... they SHONE compared to the other little
kittens - and it showed how much love they were used to...

I feel SO GOOD!! Kudos to everyone who helped and prayed
over them....they are now living a really good life! And the best
part is, since they were already neutered early, there's NO
chance of the owner letting them roam unfixed to create more
kitties!!! Wheeee!!!

Merry xmas everyone!!

Oh, and my sick older babies are better - 700 dollars plus later, the
vet can only say one had a UTI... to which I say - that doesn't cause bloody dirreah!! I just told the vet that perhaps they had had some "bad mouse", LOL!!!
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I'm so glad they found a home together.

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Oh thats GREAT NEWS!!! and better news that they get to live together!
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that everything works out.
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What wonderful news! Health AND happiness!

Great job!!!!!!!!!
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It's wonderful that they found a home and will be together
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I'm so glad the little guys found a home together! Thanks for all you did to make it happen!
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Glad they found a home! Need some help, being the "front"
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