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Good morning

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Good morning people. I went straight to bed when I got home from work last night I was so tired. I am sick have a bad cold and my sinuses are acting up. I am guessing its from the other day I ran upto the barn to see trouble and before I got back it started raining and I forgot my jacket. So now I am sneezing and sniffiling and coughing. I am suprised they actually don't send me home at work. Well not really I have been there so sick I was draggin myself in and they kept me there. I didn't get up till about 20 minutes ago so I slept about 10 hours. Tavia stayed pretty close to me last night but when I woke she was laying on my computer tower meowing at me. I guess she thought it was time I woke up and got her breakfast. Well I hope you all have a lovely morning. Love and Hugs and :rubs: Gail and Tavia.
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Gail - I hope you feel better today.
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Good morning Gail!!

I was woken up early this morning by my landlord to move my car which I had no choice but to park it behind his because some random car was in my spot last night

But, I received my SS package today, so its not all bad
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Thanks for the feel better hug.
Sorry someone parked in your spot last night. They should have signs for who parks where and a bit of an extra couple of spaces for company.
I should feel better as long as the coughing subsides I can handle the rest the coughing makes my chest hurt. But the good news is Tavia has been extra lovey I think she knows meowmy is sick.
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Good Morning! I hope you are feeling better. Cats seem to know when we are not feeling well. I love it when they shower me with extra kisses when I'm sad or sick. Kitties are the best, aren't they?
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