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Do your cats have a special time with you that is all theirs?

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Canyon, my youngest cat, also newest to the household, had the hardest time finding something that was just his time with me. He has always observed Cat Hierarchy Protocol to max, recognizing his bottom rank. But still, he yearned for his special time. Everything he tried, everyplace he went, another cat was in the way, pushing him aside.

I could not help young Canyon but finally, he realized that no one was hanging around when I showered. Yippee! He also likes water, will run around in the rain (safely secured). He follows me in when I'm preparing for the shower. He jumps to the loft area that overlooks the shower, waits up there watching & talking to me. (No, I don't think he's a man lurker reincarnated. ) While I'm drying off, he jumps down and eagerly awaits all the rubbing and scritching he gets afterward. This also gets a lot of the loose hair off of him and he seems to enjoy the humidity.

All his, the shower and rubdown ritual. Thank goodness! Every cat has to have his thing.
This is Canyon (the monster under the bed).
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Yup! Luna does that with me too. There is a small table next to the shower and most mornings we will play peek-a-boo together during my shower. If we don't play, she's usually in there helping me dry off and gives me purrs and hugs afterwards.
Then sometimes later on in the day (2/3-ish) she is on my lap cuddling and sleeping.

Whitey is pretty much all play time. So morning/night is his time with me.
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With Tavia I have to put the dogs out for her to get time that is just hers. Because Lilly is a very jealous dog.
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Our special time is bedtime and morning...There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping kitty on you
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Scully always sits with me when I am working, Bumper sleeps with me and Boomer LIVES in the bathroom so usually sits on the edge of the tub if I am in there and chats to me... Magnum couldn't care less if he tried and is happy to have my BF to himself
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Abilene's special time is when i take a shower or get ready in the bathroom- she "lives" on the top shelf in the bathroom - it's her own little shelf and everything...and she always likes to hang around in there. She likes to walk on the sides of the tub when i take a bath and try to swat at the bubbles

Velvet's special time is whenever i'm in the kitchen or my room, or anywhere else - she comes when you call her name just like a doggie does - it's cute. I've had her the longest out of all my girls- we have a very close bond

Jasmine loves to hop up on me stomach when i'm laying down watching tv- that's her special time- she's such a little love!

Isabella's special time is when I brush her- she lives to be brushed she's my little princess

my foster boys all have their own special time too- i'll take them one at a time in the living room at Colin's with me to sit on my lap and brush them while i watch tv
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My cats are so jealous of one another.

I had Chynna 6 years before Abby came to live with us, so Chynna was used to having me to herself for quite a while.

Even now when I'm playing with Abby or brushing her, Chynna will come around and nose her way in and Abby runs off and lays on the floor looking sad

Abby knows she can get some time in with me when I go to bed at night. She jumps up and lays next to me and gets all of the uninterrupted scratches and cuddles that she wants, in the morning too. She can also get some extra time when Chynna is asleep in the pots cupboard like she is now, hehe.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Our special time is bedtime and morning...There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping kitty on you
i so agree, and thats when my cat loves to have her cheeks rubbed. but every day in late afternoon she finds me-- meows for me to sit down and stay still, especially if I am wearing her favorite fuzzy sweater, and she makes biscuits in my arm pits for about 40 seconds before snuggling in just lke a baby. we blink at each othr a few times and she takes a nap. it's a grand feeling.
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Yeah, Molly lives on the bed, so her time is when I am in bed. Shadows time is meal times and I always go and have a cuddle when I put her back in her room at night. Tiger only seems affectionate round mealtimes, but she is happy with little affection. Pebbles sometimes gets time when I am in bed, but she is ignoring me at the moment, and spending all her time in the bathroom.
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Marlee's favorite time with me (even before we got Milo) has always been once I get in bed at night, and in the morning when I first get up. She is very loving when she wants to be, and loves to be petted, but for her to actually sit WITH me or ON me is so special in the morning and at night.

Milo is pretty much a love bug all day. He is either running around being hyper or in my lap/beside me sleeping.

Marlee and Milo both come in the bathroom with me most days, then they each have their spot they lay in til I'm done!
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All my time used to be Bella time...Asleep or awake or watching tv or showering...I think u get the point!!

Now Severino is with me all the time if I'm on the computer he is there, or cooking etc.

No one sleeps with me though, like Bella did ...Joey sleeps on the bottom of our bed not near us.

Soph graces me with her presence when she sees fit!
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Scratch loves the mornings. It just seems he wants attention right when I wake up. 8-Bit loves the evenings, and will curl in my lap and sleep!
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Wonton's time with me is firstly mid-afternoon... I'm usually on the computer at that time, so he'll come paw gently at my arm, which means he wants up on my lap. I let him up, and he sleeps on my lap for about an hour (or til I absolutely have to pee and can't hold it anymore). Then he goes and plays for a while, til my bf comes home. Nighttimes are bf and Wonton time - Wonton snuggles with him on the couch while they watch tv. when we go to bed, its my turn with Wonton again, cos he likes to sleep snuggled up next tome, right by my tummy
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