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But I was sleeping!

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For the first time in over a month I decided to sleep in today. In all honesty I needed it, I haven't slept well in the past few weeks. Its 9:30am, I am in dream land, and I feel a paw smack to the face! Scratch (yes SCRATCH!!) is sitting right next to my head with a furry mouse in his mouth. He wants to play. I was annoyed and happy at the same time. The good news: he's breaking out of his shell. The bad news: he's learning from 8-Bit.
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Uh oh, scratch is learning from 8-bit!!!!!! Red wine paw prints, deleted computer games - now the two of them will team up together!
Maybe 8-bit told scratch, hey, meowmy will reeeeally love it if you take her a furry mouse for breakfast, and the best way to wake her up is to smack her round the face!
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You are lucky that's how he woke you up...it could be worse...Sophia used my Upper eye lid for a springboard the other day as she jumped off the bed @ 5 a.m...I could not stop the bleeding..Now I have a cut and a purple/red bruise on my eye...I look as though I was in a fight!! So give that beautiful boy a hug from me!!!!
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Aw, I think thats so cute!! Being awoken by a cat with its paw on you is priceless
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Aww sorry he woke you up. Tavia thinks the best way to wake me is to lay on top of me and start meowing of course I have to figure out for a minute why I can't breath since she is a fat little girlie.
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bit was the one who really smacked you in the face...he just ran off when you opened your eyes and left little scratch there by you who was only trying to share his mouse with you
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Yay!!! Well, not for being woken up at 9:30, but for Scratch!

You babies have such personality!!
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that is so funny!!!
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Awww! Sweet Scratch!
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There you go, you beautiful boy! It's nice outside your shell, isn't it?
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What a hoot! But wait till your little instigator gets hold of him!
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