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Kitten Goalie

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Anyone else have to be the goalie for the front door when you go in and out?
The last couple days the cat brat gang have taken an interest to the outdoors. Which is a
Usually Reggie will have to open the door while I croutch down to catch any bolting fuzzballs. At 6:30 this morning Reggie woke me up to tell me Duke ran out and he needed me to help catch him.
I threw on a pair of pajama pants, grabbed a flashlight and headed for the front door.
Just as I opened it, Duke came running in at 90mph...Problem solved! He's scared to death of being out there .....Until later when he give it another try
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I have foggy memories of such chases. Around here, we became adept at pushing with the feet because the arms were loaded. Also, louds hisses were used and were sometimes effective.

Gotta love kittens.
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It's always harder being goalie with the kittens. They zip right through.

All of mine are adult and the only door I have to watch is the front. It goes like this: Open door slowly while sliding one foot & leg into opening. Squeeze body sideways into opening while reaching for handle of storm door. Keep both legs together while inching out. Hold inner door snug to length of body and close while squeezing self out of the way. Get mail from mailbox. Reverse procedure going back inside.

If you had a tall folding screen to put around the door, that might help. But ... it would have to be tall enough they couldn't jump it and no openings big enough to go through and close enough to the floor at bottom, etc. The things we do for our animals! And they are so worth it!
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I'm always playing kitty goalie with my furbabies too - all except Abilene- she's perfectly happy to be an indoors girl / This is yet another reason my furbabies are all indoors only and all have their tags and collars on at all times / In the warmer weather, i put a harness on them and let them walk out in the backyard garden for a little bit (supervies on a leash, and they get flea treatment every month)
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When I am coming in..Trout stands directly in my way..its like she doesn't want me in
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well we have what we call the "Rolling Road Block" funny but its only Dino that seems to do it !
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