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trimming claws and depression

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This is my third question to all you experienced cat owners. I feel like such a novice because it's been almost 20 years since I had a cat. I took my 11 week old kitten to the vet for a check up and they trimmed his claws. When we got home, he couldn't climb up anything.

He used to claw himself up onto the bed or the couch (or up my legs!), but kept falling backwards after his claws were trimmed. He couldn't even climb up his new kitty condo that he loved. And he seemed really depressed after falling back onto the floor so many times. Now I want to get his claws trimmed again because they grew back and he scratches and it hurts. And it was so sweet not to feel his claws for awhile. But he seemed so depressed, I have mixed feelings about it. Is this common?

I was thinking that maybe when he gets big enough to jump onto where he wants to be, and doesn't have to claw himself up, it will be easier on him. But do any of your cats seem depressed right after their claws are tirimmed?
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I don't have any real experience with such a young kitten, but my guess would be that he's just a little inexperienced - bless him!

All four of my cats have been able to climb and claw their way up their cat trees and scratch posts after having their claws trimmed, so I'm sure that in time, he'll get the hang of it!
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Hmm - that seems a bit odd. I've never known a cat or kitten not be able to climb up something due to claw trimming, even if they were cut back a long way. Maybe it's a combination of the his young age and the vet trimming them right back. You're right than when he gets a bit bigger he will be able to jump onto things like the bed and won't need to use his claws, but he still needs to be able to scratch as that's an important behaviour for cats. If you get his claws trimmed again I'd not get them trimmed so far back - just trim the sharp ends. And for now keep a close eye on him in case it's something other than the claw trimming making him depressed.
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Nope none of them acted depressed and they still could climb on the tree house. Perhaps they trimmed them a little too short. Why don't you trim them yourself? Its not hard and if you do it on a regular basis (once a week) your kitty will be fine.

All you need to do is cut the tips off where its the sharpest. I trim my kitten's nails from 3-4 weeks old and do it once a week.
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