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OMG I am so mad!!

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Anyone play The Sims 2? Well I am quite obsessed and until just a few minutes ago, I had a very NICE downloads collection of Sim accessories. I had thousands of clothing, hairstyles, building, decorations, walls, floors, you name it I had it.

Well I tried to install The Sims 2 Pets and found out my computer is having issues, so it wouldn't completely install. Well while uninstalling what WAS able to install, it deleted all the families I had started (no big deal) and ALL MY DOWNLOADS!!!

I can't believe it, I am so mad. I spent, probably too much time, downloading all that crap and it's gone. So....

Where do all you Sims 2 players out there download from? I can't imagine continuously playing with the very limited selection that comes with the game. So where do you get your stuff from? Pay or free? Tell me please!!

I use TheSimsResource.com, they have a HUGE collection. I have a subscription though and there is literally millions of downloads. You can never have everything there is so freakin much to download!! I highly recommend it. You will not be able to look through everything because of the amount they have. I haven't found a website that has more then a small fraction of the downloads that TheSimsResource.com had. I like PeggySims2.net also. It is a smaller collection. I downloaded everything from their site in just a couple hours.

So let me know please!! It is going to take so long to get all my stuff back from TheSimsResource.com, I am exhausted just thinking about it!! I don't even know where to begin.

I am really interested in staircases, fireplaces, rugs, cars, doors and windows, and skins with tattoos and piercings.
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I get my Sims stuff from the same site as you, but boy, do I feel your pain! Almost every time I try to install a new Sims game, all my stuff is deleted.
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I haven't played it for ages so can't help there, but I download lots of stuff for other games I play, and wanted to sympathise - you must be really annoyed at that
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Ouchie I know your pain, done that as well. I go between TheSimsResource and ModTheSims2.com. They obviously do some hacks for the game as well but generally it is very well indicated which ones are hacked. I think the quality is the best at TSR but MTS2 has some awesome things as well.
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Be careful of downloading stuff for Sims games. By doing so you are perpetuating people to keep stealing from others. Essentially when you download stuff from those Sims sites (not just the ones listed, but other ones as well), you are using stolen property. Most of the Sims content creators don't create their meshes and textures themselves, they use what others have made and take the credit and glory of creation for themselves.

Most if not all of the stuff that is offered for download on Sims content sites is stolen from the merchants/sellers/artists in the 3D graphic community. Not a nice thing to hear, but it's a sad fact.

Most of the meshes and textures used to make those Sims downloads are acquired illegally either through peer to peer programs or shared freely (and illegally) between Sims users. Even if those meshes and textures have been legitimately purchased from the original 3D creator's store, the files still can't be used to create Sims content because it violates copyright law and the merchant's terms of use.

Most of the Sims content offered for download to players are created from the models and textures that 3D artists have created to sell in their stores as resources for those, like myself who use 3D graphic programs to produce art. Even if the meshes and textures were from free items found around the 3D graphic community, most creators of free content still do not permit their meshes and textures to be redistributed in any form.

The meshes and textures that they create have strict usage conditions attached to them, and none of those usage conditions include taking the mesh and texture and pasting it on Sims files to use personally, or to offer as downloads for others to use in the Sims game.

I've seen them go after people (not just Sims people, but anyone who violates the usage agreement) like pitbulls to get sites shut down and ISP accounts closed because of copyright violation and theft.

Think of it in terms of cats...let's use a breeder of cats as an example.

A cat breeder is in business to make money. They breed cats and sell the kittens. Now let's say that someone somehow manages to get some cells from these cats and clones them and then runs around giving away these cloned kittens. They are undermining the cat breeder's business because they are giving away clones of what the cat breeder is trying to sell.

I've never had a pedigree pet, but from what I understand, when you buy a kitten you also agree that you won't breed that cat and to ensure that you don't, the kitten is usually spayed/neutered before released to you. if you want to breed the cat, you have to let your intentions be known (basically asking permission) and the breeder will charge you much more for the kitten.

In the 3D graphic community the same thing applies. Sims content creators are cloning someone's "kittens" to give away to Sims game players.

Anyway, hope that makes sense.
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I used to play sims on ps2 but when my ex and I split he took it with him. I want to get it for my pc now but haven't gotten around to it yet. Was wondering if the cheats that work on the ps2 work for the pc. They have certain codes that allow you to get through the game and by pass some stuff.
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I'm not really much of a "gamer". I did try a PC game called Ultima Online for a couple of years. I believe the same company puts out The Sims games too. Ultima Online is a player vs monster or player vs player type game along the lines of Dungeons and Dragons. I also tried a game called "Diablo" and "Diablo II", again another player vs monster type game that you play online with other players.

I didn't do too well in it because I was too afraid of the monsters or having my little player character killed by another player My friends suggested that I try The Sims because it was probably more along my speed for games, but I never bothered.

I still read some gaming forums occasionally and I have read on a few that The Sims games allow for some pretty "racy" type stuff to happen within it between characters.
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Tavia'smom: was it Sims 1 or 2 you played on the PS2? If one then the cheats are definately different. If 2 then I am not sure. I never got into the PS2 version.

Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I still read some gaming forums occasionally and I have read on a few that The Sims games allow for some pretty "racy" type stuff to happen within it between characters.
Well nothing really all that crazy though. I mean you can have gay and lesbians, and you can make your Sims, um, "woohoo" as it is called in the game, but you can't see anything. It is just a cloud of smoke and some fireworks so you get the idea. Thats all fine though, that is a part of life and nothing wrong with having that stuff in a game to make it the most realistic.

You can also, you know, kill your sims, build four small walls around them and no door, or have them go for a swim and delete the ladder to get out They just suddenly turn into a gravestone or an urn for the ashes, it is not graphic at all.

I can't think of any other racy things right off. I don't classify any of those natural things as racy, killing your sims off is not the greatest but it is also kind of funny.

Anyways, I don't know anything about cloning and meshes. I use The Sims Resource and they provide the meshes but if they came from another person/site, there is a link to go and download the mesh from the original creater. I don't know, if there is still a risk there, I think I will take it It is impossible for me to play the game with the very few things they have available for hairstyles, clothing, objects, etc...
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