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"cleaning pictures"

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Bella has really opened up to stormie although I dont think Stormie is liking it very much because she started to growl and hiss after a while, and she doesnt play with Bella that much and she is the one that got Bella to be so playful But I seen Bella cleaning her the other day and I had my camera I always do just for these reasons so here are some pix from the first time bella cleaned her and I was able to get photos

heres a view from the other side

Stormie is looking at her like what are u doing lol

Now here are some photos from when Bella knocked her down and got on top of her to clean her (bella thinks she dirty and isnt taken no crap from stormie saying other wise, dont worry I kept my eye on them they looked like they were having fun and stormie was like u witch get off of me and Bella would not let her go at all and when stormie got up she knocked her over again because she wasnt finished)

Hope you all enjoyed....in a way i was relieved because Bella fully let her in her world
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AWW! Stormie reminds me of a longer furred version of Nazumi. There faces are alot alike.
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those pictures are soooo prescious!!
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Awwwww look at those cherubs! They remind me of when Rosie used to pin Sophie down to get a wash
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Aww, it's bath time!
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Awww! At least they weren't of Nate and Radar

(Sorry, Had to say it)
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I love the ones of Bella pinning Stormie down!
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