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I'm such an idiot. I've managed to burn myself 3 days in a row. The last 2 (the rack of the oven and a popcorn kernal that attacked me when I opened the bag too quickly) are both small and fairly minor. But the first one is pretty big. I hit the handle of a pot accidentally. Here's a pic

I'm keeping it bandaged w/ antibiotic ointment, so it'll heal soon enough, but I keep bumping it. Just wanted to share my string of bad luck
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Ouch is right! That looks pretty painful. If you've got an aloe vera plant, cut off a leaf, split it open and tape it to the burn...it really helps. I hope if feels better soon and heals up nicely.
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yikes, that doesn't look very plesant. ((vibes)) i hope you heal up soon Aloe really helps a lot with burns
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OUCH! Burns are the worst. Ive burned myself twice with car cigarette lighters. One I burned off about 3 layers of skin and it was white! It hurt like crazy. The other time was just minor. The first time I was high so it took me a second to realize it hurt. A good reason to say no to drugs.
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Oh my Gosh that looks bad...I burn myself all the time on my oven or a hot pan...but never as bad as u did...Hope you feel better soon!!!
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See what happens when you cook! Stop it!
Aloe is just the thing. I hope that burn gets better fast!
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Ouch, that sucks...burns are the worst feeling...here's hoping it all heals soon.
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Yeah....Im using that as a sign that cooking is harmful.
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