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People who treat animals like animals: a rant.

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Uuugggghhhhhh if the people I babysit for don't start treating their new puppy better I WILL explode. And then there will be little pieces of Allie all over their $1.1 million townhouse and I doubt they will be thrilled to clean that up.

So, the people I nanny for part time thought it would be a fun idea to get a puppy since their 9 year old keeps begging for a dog and the neighbors in the complex had a yellow lab puppy and it was "just so cute". These people are away from home about 11 hours a day, and both parents travel extensively for work, sometimes leaving myself and their other part time nanny in charge overnight. Both are Executive VP's of separate companies.

Now, if you haven't vomitted all over your keyboard yet, they decide in the spring that they're going to the pet store to get a dog. Well, there was a lot of me wearing my adoption counselor hat at my nanny job and I finally talked them out of that idea. I ran off some literature on dog breeds, puppy care, training, adopting and, since they were so stuck on a lab, tips for finding a "reputable" breeder. They didn't talk about the dog for several months, so I figured that they had forgotten the idea and weren't serious about it and they were just being mean and stringing their poor kid along who was SO SURE they were getting a puppy.

So, I show up to work one day...and there's this puppy. Great. Let's go over th enumber of things that are wrong with this picture:
1. They're away 11 hours a day, and I'm only there for 5. So that's 6 hours with no stimulation or anything.
2. THEY KEEP THE DOG'S CRATE IN THE GARAGE. They think they're crate training, but they really have not the faintest idea what crate training actually involves. They think crate training means shoving the dog in the garage when they can't be home, and then letting it run around peeing on everything when they are. Not that the dog is allowed anywhere in the house or on any furniture or near anything.
3. The 9 year old who beged for the puppy is now afraid of it. It's because he puppy-mouths and chews, which to my limited understanding is PERFECTLY NORMAL BEHAVIOR. So she shrieks and runs away and will barely help when the dog is inside.
4. The dog is eating crap grocey store food and eating Milkbones and it has diarrhea. Um, could it be because you're feeding it enriched wheat flour and basically nothing more?
5. No one cares about routines or consistency. I suggested a potty schedule and I suggested we all use the same commands with him. This has evidentally fallen on deaf ears.

So here I am, researching labs (it is a papered lab, which IMHO is also a strike against them since there are tons of pups or...wait for it...already housebroken adults dogs who need homes), when I DID NOT sign up for a puppy!

I am SO FRUSTRATED with this whole situation! Any sympathy for me or wrath you could direct at these people would help me right now!
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They are selfish, inconsiderate and ignorant to say a few things. I'd hate to be in that situation since they don't listen.
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The people across from me at the trailer park, came home from the swap meet with a beautiful little black puppy. God, it was cute. They put it in the back yard.

That's it.

They put it in the back yard, no food, no water, plenty of shade, no toys. The neighbor from up the corner and I fed the puppy, made sure the puppy had water at least while we were there and after 3 days of no care, and fighting with the park manager about them not taking care of the puppy, the park manager called Animal Control.

No matter how you slice it, that puppy lost out, big time.
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People like that do NOT need animals...and no reputable breeder should have ever approved them for that adoption
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They obviously can't be bothered with their child if they are away eleven hours a day working so there is not hope in hell for a poor puppy. I don't envy your situation lionessrampant! People like that make me seethe. Their job is obviously their highest priority. They sound like utterly selfish clueless idiots with absolutely no sense. I'm still gobsmacked about them leaving their daughter for that long. This is no reflection on your nanny skills though lionessrampant as you sound like a very caring person!
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Originally Posted by jt23 View Post
They obviously can't be bothered with their child if they are away eleven hours a day working so there is not hope in hell for a poor puppy.
There's nothing uncommon about that... An eleven hour workday for both parents is how it is in America. Both parents usually work full time just to survive (or, in their case, maintain their lifestyle). I don't know anything about their parenting skills, but if anything the fact that they've hired two nannies and don't just leave the child alone makes me have hope that they can come to understand what it means to have a puppy.

It sounds like they're willing to listen to you if you managed to convince them to go with a reputable breeder (even if you couldn't get them to go to a shelter) rather than a BYB. Don't stress out about it yet.

Do their neighbors take good care of their dog? Maybe you could mention how the Joneses do things... gently and subtly.
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