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AAAH!!! Why did my cat suddenly start spraying?

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One of my cats (I have 4) is almost 2 years old, and he suddenly started spraying EVERYTHING about 3 weeks ago. He will spray the doors, the chair, and even tried to spray my LEG once!!! We bought some cat and dog repellant and put it on the chairs and doors, but nothing seems to work.

Does anyone have an idea why he is suddenly doing this? We've had him almost since birth, and we've never had any problems with him (or any other cat) spraying inside the house, until now.
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Has there been any kind of change in your household, i.e, a new kitty, new roommate, change in litter? Cats don't like change. It seems to me he's try to tell you something. Is he neutered? If not, I think it's time. That will cut down or even stop the spraying.

Keep us posted.
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No changes at all, that I know of. Then again, I don't know if the cat litter was changed at all. I'll check on that later. And, of course he is neutered!! We made sure we did that right away.

Oh, and he just did it again earlier today... he seems to really like a certain chair in the living room. Any reason for that?
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The first possible reason would be that he is not feeling well. When they arent feeling well, they feel more vulnerable and threatened. Second would be that for some reason he decided to let the rest of the house know he is boss. Last, if everything is okay now, he may be spraying because the scent was never fully taken out of the furniture. When they spray it's very difficult to get the smell out. You need to use a good neutralizer right away.
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I have the same problem as Chris.
No obvious change in the household, neutered cat, not a kitten and suddenly spraying everywhere.
We have another cat a spayed female, but they have both been living with us here for quite a while .

Has anyone here heard of a new product (probably from the UK )which is supposed to solve the problem by introducing an artifical cat pheronome (sp?).

If not can anyone suggest other websites I could search especially in the UK?
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I dont know about the UK, but I know the one product is called Feliway and the other is pherimone magic made by crazy cat. I would search the major pet retailers first.
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Thanks Sandie, I found the name Feliway on a UK site
this one
and thanks for the name of the other product.
Now I have got to find a supplier in OZ.
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I'm still not sure why he is doing it. It might be marking his territory, though. There is a new black cat hanging around (don't worry, he has a home ) and my cat's are not particularly fond of this cat. Odie does the same outside though, so it may be the case.
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Hi everyone, I'm brand new here - looks like a great site. For Charles - you can get Feliway here in Canberra at All Creatures Vets in Calwell - it's on the Cnr of Duggan Street and Tharwa Drive. They've got a great shop - open 7 days.

ps: Just so you don't think it's wierd that I know where you come from, I knew you were from Canberra because I was checking everyones profiles to find other Australians!

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Thanks kazi
I found that supplier but also another vet closer to me.
We are using Feliway cautiously ( $A37 a spray can)and hope to see an improvement.
So far so good.
Thanks for the info.
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