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My sister's cat poops in the tub!

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Neemoo, is 3 years old and lives with my sister and her 2 year old son. They have another cat, who he loves, Lily. Neemoo started pooping in the tub a few months ago, then it was once and a while. Now, everyday when my sister arrives home from work, she has to scrub the bathtub out. I am taking Neemoo from her due to the fact that him messing the tub all the time isn't healthy for the baby. We think it may be because he jealous of the baby and lonely when my sister isn't home. Here at my place, there is always someone home. We are hoping he will stop and go in the litter box. He never pees outside of the box, he did once before, but it's not happened since. My sister took the lid off her litter box and it still didn't help.

I'm posting this just in case anyone has had a similar experience and has any advice.
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How many litter pans? Sounds like the other cat is preventing him from using it or bothering him when he does.

My first cat, Miten had cystitis once and peed in the tub (which was white) and you could see the blood - at the time his litter pan was orange color and you'd never know he had a problem. Once it was cured, he never used the tub again.
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I haven't had that problem myself, but cats go in the strangest places. I would run it by a vet to make sure it's nothing that could be physical. No doubt a new baby in the home could cause stress for the cat. I'm glad to hear that you are taking him in Good Luck!
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My Oscar kitty pooped in the tub off and on until I placed a litter box in that bathroom. It's been a year now, and I've not had any additional problems since then.

If you have only one or two litter boxes, maybe another would help? If you have three or more boxes, with one in the bathroom with the tub, I'd take the kitty to the vet to rule out a physical problem.

Good luck, ShawnaOB!
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My cat Cosmo pees in the tub if I don't clean out the litter box frequently enough.

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