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Life as a House

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Has anyone seen this movie? If not, I highly recommend it, but have your tissues ready. It's about an architect who decides to rebuild his house, and in the process rebuilds his relationship with his son and ex-wife. Kevin Kline plays the architect and Hayden Christiansen plays his son.

I forgot what a good dramatic actor Kevin Kline can be. Hayden C. is also really good, the only other movie I've seen him in is Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

If you're in the mood for a good cry, and want to see a movie that is uplifting at the same time, this is your film.
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I will have to make it a point to see that one!
Thanks for the critique
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Thanks for the review! I had seen that movie in the video stores and wondered if it would be any good! I will have to rent it sometime.
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I'll write that down. I trust your taste, Brenda, but I have never been a big Kevin Kline fan. He and Kevin Costner always seem to play the same character in every film, even though the screenwriter wrote the characters as totally different. They can't seem to hide their own personalities. I'll duck now! They're both well liked, but so was John Wayne, and he was always playing John Wayne.
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