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Cat falls down

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My cat Tiger tends to simply fall on the floor. She lies there for about 30 seconds max before getting up and moving again. Is this normal? I thought maybe fleas on the carpet were bothering her, but it doesn't make sense for her to just lie there. Should I be concerned about this?

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I'd get the cat checked for neurological problems. Sounds like a seizure or stroke of some kind. Maybe epiletic?
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Check her heart. She might have some problems there. This is definitely a matter for a vet. I hope that your cat is better.
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Definitely see a vet.

Sheba would sometimes fall over when her heart problems were acting up, before we had her on a beta blocker (propranalol) to regulate her heartbeat. The vet explained it to me that her heart was beating too fast for it to maintain that pace, and would occassionally skip a beat or two. When that happened, she fainted. She usually got up a few seconds later, but her heart could have just as easily stopped for good.

I'm not saying that's what's going on with your cat. Only a vet could tell you, after a physical exam and probably bloodwork. But it's something that needs to be checked.
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