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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
After watching my snakes slowly, ssssloooooowly eat mice butt first, with their little hip bones cracking and with them squeaking right up until the very end, I just don't see how glue traps are honestly that cruel. For Pete's sake, you can unstick them and release them, if you REALLY want to.

We don't do TNR on mice, they breed incredibly fast, and living in the city, there really aren't many places that I'm going to go way out of my way to release a little mouse so it can have a happy, carefree mouse life, LOL.

If I lived in the country, and had never had snakes as pets, I might see things a little differently. But since that isn't the case, woe to any mouse that comes back into MY house!

I take no prisoners.

Can't you give your snakes dead mice? Don't laugh...the zoos bring dead prey such as mice, rabbits, to the animals. I don't think they want the children and squeamish adults exposed to gruesome eating habits. Last time I was at the zoo I saw these little wild cats - and during feeding time the zookeeper brought in a pan of whole dead mice for them! I couldn't even bear to watch that. But there must be a place where you can get dead mice? You can buy raw meat for pets.
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I'm not a snake expert by any means, but I believe that most snakes will only eat either live or very freshly killed animals. They aren't scavengers, like wild cats are. Sure, cats are hunters, but they will take advantage of a free meal every chance they get.
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Most snakes won't eat dead prey, and what's the difference? Either they die at the factory or they die in the snakes mouth.
As for Peta, I tend not to take advice on what is or isn't animal cruelty from an organization that thinks its cruel to have a cat in your life, and puts more animals to sleep than the local pound. Or one that advocates putting a carnivore on a vegetarian diet.

I'm sorry your little mousers are slacking off Maybe you can borrow my sister's cat-- he caught a bat midair that was in our house and would have drug the poor thing through the house til it died if my BIL hadn't done something.
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When I lived on the farm, we had a lot of mice in the house - they ran the gauntlet past the outdoor ferals, then came into a house with 11 cats and 2 dogs. The outdoor cats would catch and eat them. The indoor cats would play with them until the poor mouse died from exhaustion. They had no clue on how to kill mice. Some of them would just sit there and watch them. This, from cats that were born feral and you would think they would know how to hunt!!

My new house has snakes all around. I've not yet seen a mouse either inside or outside, just snakes (both inside and outside).
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
My new house has snakes all around. I've not yet seen a mouse either inside or outside, just snakes (both inside and outside).
I have snakes in the yard, which I have grown to appreciate, cause I think they might eat a slug or two?( I have millions) Unfortunately, the neighbors cat (I think) catches them and chews their heads off, leaving me with a lifeless snake body on the sidewalk, with a bloody stump for a head. Maybe it is a bird doing this, but I doubt it. I wish the neighbor, whom I despise, would keep her cat indoors. Besides slaughtering the mice, he upsets my rescue guy, fang, to no end. Fang runs from one window to the other to see him. The other two could care less, but they spent most, if not all, their lives indoors. My Rescue was a street cat until around a year old. I guess he longs for the good old days when he kicked some cat butt.
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I use the old time traps with the big spring, I put peanut butter on the flipper and snap instant dead mouse, I have yet to have one stuck in it still alive. Not much fun getting them out of the trap sometimes though.

We got a couple of those sound things and I think the mice moved out of the kitchen, I need to put one in the basement now to hopefully chase them out of there also.
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I once had 2 cats and a Lab. The lazy cats would watch a mouse scurry across the kitchen floor, and the dog had to catch it! Sometimes, the dog would hunt in tandem with them, and go in for the actual kill. (I think; it was in the middle of the night, and I had the door closed, and was afraid to open it and have a live mouse presented to me! This was many years ago, when I was a kid.)

I had another cat who was afraid of the sight of a mouse. Again, this was at my parents' house. Selene saw a dead mouse, and wouldn't look at it, nor would she catch a live one. However, once my then boyfriend (now husband) starting visiting, she proudly presented him with a dead mouse! She normally avoided him for some reason--I think she disliked men--he LOVES cats, so it wasn't his behavior.

Just so you know, these stories happened over a period of decades--Mom keeps a very clean house! We never had much of a mouse problem!

In my own house, I've not yet seen evidence of any rodents--and, with 9 cats, there danged well not be any! I've always felt my females would be great mousers, though.

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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Yep I've heard persian people say "she's so lazy a mouse would run across her feet and she wouldn't chase him"
Yep, that's mine two persians. Lazy as they come. I am actually fine with it because I also have birds so at least since they can't hunt, they won't hurt the birds.
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My puss is a great mouser/ratter. She visits the neighbours place and brings home big rats. I have found 6 so far. Not a mouse prob around here with my 4 big cats.

I had a neighbour get rid of chooks and i ended up with a plague of the buggers. My dog caught a few. Puddems caught 12 in a night and i was constantly snapping them in traps. Right down to the very last lil babies. not really big enough to be away from the nest.

The cats also like to chase the Geckos up the walls. Poor Geckos. If the catch one of them i take them and let em' go.

Yet my cats have never touched my pet rats and mice. They usually run away from the rats.
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