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We're leaving Switzerland...

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... where to start?

Well... after nearly 10 years here we are ready for a new adventure, so we are taking our lives in our hands and making some HUGE decisions.

Big picture? We're moving to New Zealand!!!!

We're going to go back to the UK for a while until all the immigration stuff is done, plus we also have a few projects to do back there, like getting married

We have resigned from our jobs, we are busy packing all our stuff into boxes and if everything works out, we can hopefully do our honeymoon en route to our new life in NZ!

I can tell you that the past few months has been a wild rollercoaster. Very scary but very exciting I wanted to share all this news with you sooner but have had to sit on it for a while - now it's getting closer, I just couldn't keep it in any longer

Are we crazy?????
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How exciting! A big move and a wedding! I hope all goes well on your new adventure!!
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How exciting!!! Let me tell you, you picked a great country to move to, not that I'm biased or anything (I'm a kiwi). I really think you'll love it there, and acclimatize to the lifestyle quickly, although it will seem so far away from anywhere after living in Europe. Everyone I've met who's been to NZ thinks I'm crazy for not living there!
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Oh how cool! My Pastor is from New Zeland and she talks about growing up there sometimes. I think it would be very neat to even just visit there!
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Good choice to become a kiwi! A guy I work with is from there, married now and living in the States with wife and kids. he tells some great stories about life there, and GREAT pictures!
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That's very exciting! Good luck with the move and your wedding I hope all goes well
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Wow! You have been busy! Good Luck on this new, exciting chapter of your life.
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Nope youre not crazy! if i could id pack up and leave back to australia!
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Aww... thanks guys

So it seems you agree that we're not crazy, which is a good start

We did our official departure paperwork for Switzerland today - it all seems very real now and, strange as it may seem, I can't wait to leave. An exciting adventure awaits us
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Hey Good luck with the move! When do you leave?
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I am thrilled for you....

Keep us updated,
pictures and all of that good stuff.
You are one very classy woman Alex.
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thanks Lei. We leave at the end of the month. I borrowed a laptop from work so hopefully I can keep in contact with the outside world during the move!

I will definitely keep you posted with news and photos

I set up a website for wedding - check it out
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You wedding celebration site is fantastic Alex.
I added it to my favorites.
I am so happy for you both.
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Congratulations and best of luck!!!
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Crazy? Yes, but in a very, very, good way!

Your wedding site is such a great idea - we can all see the pictures and events in one place!

Congratulations and Good Luck for all the moving around! And for your wedding planning and day!
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