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Making an outdoor kitty be an indoor kitty when she doesn't want to be!

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Alright, so Fafeena, my 13 y/o spayed outdoor kitty, has to be an indoor kitty. It's getting cold outside & I fear it is just too much for her & her health....even if she is in the garage or shop. Here's where I run into a problem....she's more than thrilled to come inside. It's the staying inside she hates. We're talking beat herself against a window to get out hates... Suggestions?? (I have read other threads on making outdoor kitties indoor kitties)

I'm sure I'm asking for trouble having 3 dominant females in the house, but this has to work....there is no way I could find an indoor home for a 13 y/o cat, so she will fit in here...one way or another!
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Do you have some kind of porch or mud room where she can hang out? Our barn kitties stayed outside all the time (tho the oldest was Lo Cal and she was about 9 yrs old).

They came in sometimes to the mud room for about 1/2 hour to warm up feet but mainly found plenty of boxes with blankets to keep warm in the barn.

As long as you provide her with a shelter where she can go in the wind/snow and it has some straw and bedding in it, she should be fine. She's been outside all this time? Is there any reason she can't stay outside - is she having medical problems? Two years ago we didn't think LoCal would survive another MN winter, but she's still going strong - she's a tough girl
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Her hearing is going....she doesn't respond when I call to her sometimes(I don't think it's just "selective kitty hearing", either). She also doesn't seem to see the best, either. I just don't want anything to happen to her. She's made it 13 years....I want her to make is another few more, at least. I hate the fact that she leaves the garage & goes outside, even if I watch her....she still tries to wander off on me.

When she was in to the vet a few months ago, they commented that this winter will be mighty tough on her since she has hearing/sight problems.

Unfortunately we don't have a porch or mudroom. We have a deck, but it's completely open.
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As much as YOU want her to be inside, if she's been outside almost her entire life, it just may be impossible to keep her inside for long periods of times.

Perhaps she can be out during the day and then supper time she would accept being inside for the nite - then let her back out in the morning.
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Tough love is the only way. It sounds like with her age ,health and hearing problems. She MUST be keep inside.She will adjust it will be hard at first but just be firm and don't let her out.
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I'd agree with the "let her out during the day and keep her in at night" suggestion. My cats are indoor/outdoor and they learn quite quick in autumn that 10pm is time to snuggle down and be done for the night. In the summer they just come and go as they please.
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I can't help you much. I never had any luck turning an outside cat into an inside cat. I don't have any outside cats right now but my daughter does. Not to scare you but she tried to keep her cat inside for awhile and the kitty was so unhappy she was peeing all over the house. I have a good friend I work with that has 2 cats that like to go outside. One more then the other. The male likes to go out all year round but in the winter he doesn't stay out long. Her female mostly goes out when the temp is above 60 F.
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For now, she is still outside. Well, in the garage. She only goes out on a harness & leash now. Once I get her completely harnees trained(she is taking to it quickly, she walks beside me on a harness already), she will start to live inside. I take the dogs for a walk 2x a day, so I might as well take her, too. Hopefully the neighbors don't think I'm too nuts. We'll give that a try(inside & goes for walks 2x a day) & if it doesn't work, we'll try something else!
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My two cats are inside/outside. You can't hardly make them stay in during the day, but at night they come in and snuggle up and stay until about 6 am in the morning. I have a litter box for them to use at night, but they very rarely use it. I have tried to keep them in during the day, but they won't have it. I think some cats are just meant to be outside/inside no matter how hard you try. And believe me, I have tried very hard.

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