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losing my cat Sassy

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Hi everyone. I live in Fl with my husband. We had a beautiful cat name Sassy. I had to put her down 2 weeks ago b/c she was very sick. We took her in to get checked. we tested her for aids and leukimia and it came out negative. She wasnt getting any better. Her belly was also extended and we thought it was that she was getting fat but she only weighed 4lbs. she was so cute! My hubby went to take her to get her blood tested and our vet told him not to even bother b/c she is going down hill. and that we had to make a desicion on what to do with her. She had FIP. She was suffering for a while. We made the desicion to put her to sleep. It was the hardest thing Ive ever done. I cried for days. I'm doing ok now. When I dont talk about it I'm ok but when I think about it or talk about it I get teary eye. We have decided to get 2 new kittens. I have mixed feelings. I dont know if I should get them now or wait. But the house is so empty without a cat waiting for me to get home from work.
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Oh I am really sorry to read your post, its very, very hard to make those decisions, but you know that you couldnt have let her suffer on
RIP little Sassy, you are in safe place now, run & play with your new fur-family over the Bridge, the love from below will make you smile

Please let us know what you decide about the two kitties your house must seem empty and you will know when its the right time.

Well I hope you feel better about things soon you know we are all here for you
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Welcome to TCS! I'm very sorry to hear about precious Sassy.
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Very sorry headbuts and so sad licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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I'am sorry to hear about your loss.
I think many many of us have gone through the pain of losing a cat or kitten. It hurts no matter what and although they are gone from you home we all know they never leave your heart.

My two cents about getting a new cat or 2 is this....
wait for the right cat(s) to fill your heart.
Sometimes there isnt a "match" as I call it, where you dont feel connected to the cat or kitten or the kitten isnt into you. After I lost my precious Babykitty I adopted a shelter cat...she was 5 years old and not very social with humans. she would do a number 2 on my bed, then on my roomates bed. The problem was something my roomate could not handle so i was forced to get rid of her...then about 5 months later I came across mikey. He was gift for my mother. I fell in love and he's been mine ever since (he never made it to my moms lol) Then I was offered another kitten from the same person I got mikey from two years later..didnt bond with the kitten so I passed...then stewie found his way to our home and it was just a temp. thing till he was able to go to a new home...now I love the kitty and he just adores my bf.

in conclusion....
take your time...when the feelings are right, and you can open your heart again, then take the time to take in a new kitty.

good luck!
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Welcome to the site. I'm sorry about your loss.
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Hi!, and Welcome to TCS!!!
...I´m so sorry too, about your loss...
...See you on the forums!
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Welcome Shamile:

Glad you found us here at TheCatSite and hope you like it here as much as we do. There are a lot of great people on the forums, and the one for the Rainbow Bridge can be really helpful at a time like you are going through -- it's natural to feel grief! and it's good to be where people understand that and are compassionate.

We have had experience with FIP, too -- my beloved King Sunny-a-Cat was diagnosed with it and lived an almost unheard of time after that, nearly 5 years, with the help of our wonderful doctor and an immune booster called Immunoregulin. He went over the Bridge in 1999 and I will always miss my Sun. Then three years back, I adopted a foundling kitten who seemed healthy, but who succumbed to FIP after receiving the vaccine. This happens sometimes, which is why the vaccine is very controversial; but what were we to do, since FIP is fatal and we love our cats and want to be responsible?

It's never an easy call, but I am glad you have decided to open your hearts and home to more deserving little lives. Not only is it a wonderful tribute to your little girl, but it means that more sweet little ones find their loving, forever homes, as every cat should, but we all know, too many do not. You're doing the right thing -- and I know you won't regret it.

We'd love to see photos of any (all) of your little ones when and if you want to post them.
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Sorry to hear about your loss
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