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Anyone else mix cat foods?

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I know Eileen does because she shared her "recipe" so I could have the same thing for Ginger when she came home.

I wasn't planning on mixing for the other two, it just kinda happened. Ophelia went NUTS on the Eukanuba Chicken and Rice. You would think it is the biggest bag of treats you ever saw the way she loves it. So when she was upset with Ginger's presence and not eating well, I tried mixing that with her Royal Canin. Success! Well, Trent and Ginger love the mix too, so we're sticking with it. I feel good about the nutritional value that they get from the Royal Canin, and they love the Eukanuba so I can't deny them.

Anyone else mix their kibbles, or offer a variety of foods?
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I always give my lot a sprinkle of James Wellbeloved (dry) over their Natures Menu (wet) - I feel like it gives them a little variety with each mouthful and with the blend (or contradiction!) of flavours.
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We're mixing the Wellness and the UR food. Much will eat more with the Wellness (still trying to fatten her up) and Lucy needs the UR food. Carly eats about anything. We came up with this after long discussions with the vet because Lucy and Much are so finicky. So as long everyone tests out ok...
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Ducky will only eat Purina One, so I have been mixing his with California Natural. Hes very finicky and gets stressed easily, so I wanted to make the change over as easy as possible for him. Im at 50/50 ratio after 3-4 months. LOL

All of mine eat different types of kibble. So I have a buffet of foods out for them.
Kiko loves Innova Evo, California Natural and Royal Canin.
Easy and Laura love Royal Canin and California Natural
Tino loves Wellness and Royal Canin

They did have Felidae and Chicken Soup out too, but I down sized a little because I have 2 feeding stations and the buffet station was getting a little large.
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Not with the cats usually unless switching which can be a month ...

But I did with my Gigi ( yorkie) .... but not now ... raw food best left alone
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I do Heidi.....I tried to switch them to a healthy food, it was a disaster. They both went on hunger strikes, and would turn their noses up to the new Nutro. Sooooo, after many attempts, I decided to give them the Nutro dry, which they do love, and then mix the good food with the elegant medleys that they adore so much. So I give 1/2 small can of Nutro, 1/2 can of Fancy Feast Medleys.....and Louie gets the kitten Nutro, with some of the Fancy Feast mixed in for disguise....he still tries to eat off of Lucky's plate, so I just police them. Here's where it gets tricky.....Luck will eat food cold/hot/room temp, left overs, cheese curls, anything....not Louie....his has to be warmed for 10 seconds to room temp .....this makes for a catastrophe when Daddy is out of town & they wake Mommy up at Daddy's 5am wake up call for breakfast....
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My two get a mix of dry - I call it "salad."

I blend the following (not always the same mixture) brands together: Nutro (primary brand, highest percentage in mix,) Royal Canin (2nd highest,) Science Diet and IAMS (smallest percentages) and am just getting through the last of the mix that had Purina kitten chow in it. I only bought it because that was the ONLY thing that Ferris' foster fed him and his sibs.

I added EVO Innova once, and liked the brand ingredients, but it crumbled up almost immediately, and my kits won't eat the crumblies, only whole pieces. So no more of that.

I switched Ginger back to kitten food after getting Ferris, but am now slowly reintroducing adult food back into the mix, as Ferris is now 7 months old and really healthy.

For the adult brands, I'm only using Nutro, Royal Canin and SD. I'm personally not a fan of dry foods loaded with grains and veggies, as there are more appropriate nutrients in certain animal by-products, things we would NEVER eat, but that cats would ingest on their own if they hunted for their food.

I know that lots of folks here would disagree with that, but I just can't personally see how veggies would be a main part of a cat's diet. I mean, c'mon, beets? Carrots? When do you see ferals digging up your garden for veggies?

If I were a cat, I'd prefer animal guts.

Oh - and I'm switching their treats from crunchies like Whiska Lickins to Nutro Adult Dry - they don't know the difference!

Wet foods I don't switch out TOO much, as Ginger will only eat two kinds, and that's IT.
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Guilty as charged!

Lemme see....for Ophelia she gets Katz-N-Flocken dry w/ a little bit of Lobster MAX hairball for fun. Damita having allergies gets nothing mixed as of yet(still on trial food). Dorian gets a little of Nutro, Katz-N-Flocken, Natural Balance Venison & Green Pea, MAX Lobster hairball, Raw Insitinct, & Innova...although not at once. Twitch & Lily get Nutro mixed with Raw Instinct or Innova...although they leave all the Nutro in the bowl & beg for more. I mixed Eukanuba with other foods for Twitch when she is havig gum troubles...same with Science Diet when she's having gum troubles.
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Anyone else mix their kibbles, or offer a variety of foods?
I have to offer a variety, and do some mixing, because His Highness won't eat the same brand more than twice a week. I usually have at least three different brands "open", and will offer a mixture on day 7. Once a bag (usually 2 or 3 kg.) is finished, that brand is replaced by another acceptable one.
At the moment we have Natural Balance, Serengeti (Timberwolf), Eukanuba Lamb and Liver, and Eagle Pack Holistic open.
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Well, since my cats are fed a raw diet, yes they get mixed. They get rabbit, chicken, turkey, pheasant, mutton, goat, duck or beef with one or the other every day. It's always mixed up. Today, for instance, they had ground chicken/bone/organ blend for breakfast and beef tripe/spleen for dinner.
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We mix Iams and Whiskas dry food, Iams gives them beautiful glossy coats and they are in a nice mood when they have it, but it's really expensive over here so we mix it with Whiskas which is cheaper but not so good quality.
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Yep, the girls get a mix of both flavours of HiLife dry, with some JWB senior - took Pebbles about 18 months to finally eat it!! Tiger gets Chicken HiLife and JWB senior, and Shadow gets Whiskas kitten and Perfect Fit kitten - the rescue gave me Whiskas, but wanted her on better quality stuff - she wouldn't touch the JWB I was given though, and RC gave her a runny bum, but she wont eat Perfect Fit by itself!!
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No I don't because Tavia likes certain kinds and she doesn't like it changed up she gets turkey and giblets wet science diet and she gets sensitive stomach science diet which her vet recommended because she kept getting sick on me and I haven't had any trouble with her getting sick since I switched.
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I don't...Trout get good ol boring food every day..
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We are using both Wellness and Inova Evo dry right now. All four love the Inova, so that is the one we go through the most of.

We also feed wet food once a day, but Tiny and Little Sister won't always eat it. The current favorite canned foods are Wellness Turkey and Salmon, Sardine shrimp and Crab, Salmon and Trout, Turkey, Merricks Grammy's Pot pie, Turducken, and Thanksgiving Day. Bucky would eat the Wellness Turkey and Salmon every day, and Rosie will eat whatever you give her...she may need to go on a diet soon!

The Organix kitty treats are a big hit with everyone.
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