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My cat has been cheating on me!!

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I am home most of the time and my faithful(?) cat remains by my side no matter what I do during the day. He is always right there watching me do the dishes, make the bed, whatever. Right now he is trying to help me type this e-mail but hopefully he cannot read English because I suspect him of cheating on me.

We have a rather large family that lives in the immediate area so have lots of company and Persi is always very friendly with everybody, kids and adults alike. This does not make me jealous because I am so glad that he gets along with everybody. The normal routine around here is that when we turn out the living room lights and the television, Persi heads for the bedroom and we will find him waiting on the bed for us.

We have a spare guest room in the house and fairly often we have some of the family stay over with us. When this happens, Persi "sleeps around" with the guests instead of coming in and sleeping with us as per usual. I am happy that he gets along good with people but wonder if anybody else has ever experienced this type of behavior? (All of my family loves Persi and they encourage him to sleep with them.) My problem is that he does! Do I have a "loose" cat? By the way, if this sounds like I am jealous, it is because I AM. My wife shrugs it off and says that he is just being a good host. What do you think about this behavior? Am I just being silly about this whole thing to let such a small detail bother me?
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It's not being silly at all!

When my parents come to visit Reilly & Sydney will go into the spare room and sleep with them for a couple of hours.

Always remember though...you are #1 in Persi's heart
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well, my cats love it when someone comes over because with me having 13, sometimes they don't get the 45 mintues of uninteruppted petting they want so they see guests as an extra pair of hands that should be petting I don't mind, gives me a break!
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I have to say that I'm lucky because this is not an issue with me, but I would probably be jealous & miss my babies if they didn't sleep in bed with me for the night.
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Gizmo loves to have visitors hold her and snuggle with her. When we watch movies Gizmo will go to the guest to sit on their laps. My upstairs neighbours can hold Gizmo upside down like a baby (I think I mean belly-up, I hope that I expressed it properly). She won't let me do this.

I tell my friends that they are seducing my cat. But I think she is just spreading the love around.
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Persi sounds like a loose cat to me

Im sure hes just trying to make them feel comfortable in his home. Now if he sits at the front door crying after they leave, then I think you may have a BIG problem
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Just be glad Persi is "loose". My Ophelia attacks strangers(lord knows I need more problems with that one!), Lily pees on them, Twitch attacks their feet, Damita trips them, & Dorian bites them. No wonder no one likes to visit me!
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She's being hospitable. When I visit my mom, I have to share the bed with 2 dogs and a cat, and often the 3rd dog, who always sleeps in her bed, will decide to come cuddle up in the morning.
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