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Veronica died yesterday

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My 17 year old himalayan died yesterday. She didn't quite make it to the litter box and had an accident on the carpet - VERY unlike her. I suspected she had a bladder infection. After the vet tech checked her temperature, Veronica had a seizure. I was alone in the examining room with her and though the whole thing lasted no more than 5 seconds, it felt like 10 minutes. I ran into the hall and screamed for the doctor. She picked Veronica up and checked her heart and told me she was gone. I just couldn't believe it had actually happened. I was SO unprepared. Her checkup 2 months ago was fine - she was fine that morning. We had our usual morning love fest, she ate her breakfast, she rubbed all over my husband, covering him with long hairs. And then she was gone. I walk around the house in a daze. I can't do anything, I can't think. I'm spending hours online trying to find just the right urn. I ache inside - really physically ache. We left her and her younger brother Ozzie last week for a few days to celebrate Thanksgiving. I can't stop thinking that I could have had that time with her - that I shouldn't have left her. I keep picturing her having that awful seizure. Most of all, I keep expecting her to be there. My sister has 4 children, I have none and am too ill to actually have any. I don't think she understands how a cat can become like a child to you. I made up songs about her to sing to her, I carried her around with me, brushed her, slept with her for 17 years. When will this stop hurting so badly? Thanks for listening, L
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Oh honey, hugs and more hugs.

Very sad headbuts and tearful, sorry licks from KittenKiya's Clan. We weep with you.
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oh my dear that must have been terrible for you You did the best for your kitty and gave her all the loving and caring she needed for 17 years the pain will ease in time and you will have the wonderful memories of your special kitty
RIP little one, you are with your new fur-family now and the love from below will make you smile
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for your kind words and encouragement. I know it will get easier, I just don't think people understand how truly crippling this can be - I'm so glad to know that you all do. Thank you again, L
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I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss. Just reading your post brought tears to my eyes. Sending you many healing prayers
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I am so sorry for your loss, It is never easy when we loose one. They are like kids to us and some people do not understand that, I know what it feels like but I have no idea how much you are hurting. You had 17 wonderful years with your baby and that pain you are feeling will ease in time. I will Have you in my Thoughts and Prayers. RIP Sweet Veronica Over the Rainbow Bridge and watch over your Mommy she is hurting so bad from this loss.
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Oh my goodness, how horrible for you

Just take it one day at a time, and know that were always here for you, but remember that Veronica is well over the bridge now and she's been met by all the cats and kittens here at TCS to take her to her new home They'll look after her don't you worry until you see her again

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I just read this post and it made me remember my 6 year old cat who died a couple of months ago. I know how you are feeling because when we had to put Gilly down I walked around the house crying and just thinking it was all a terrible nightmare. Of course it must have been a lot more sad for you because you had Veronica for 17 years but think of all the happy times and remember that you will see her again one day because she is waiting at Rainbow Bridge for you. RIP Veronica and play with Gilly at Rainbow Bridge.
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I'm so sorry for your sudden loss of Veronica. I've lost loved pets too and I know how difficult it is.

I also want to say that it sounds like Veronica had a very long, happy, and healthy life with you. And when she did pass away, it was actually a blessing that any pain and suffering she had was all over with very, very quickly.

R.I.P. Veronica, and may you play happily at the Rainbow Bridge with all the other TCS kitties who are there.
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I'm so sorry about the loss of your baby girl. She had 17 wonderful years with you in a wonderful loving home. She died happy & loved. Play ahppily over the Rainbow Bridge, Veronica!
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I'm so sorry for your sad loss.

We do understand how they are children - they are to most of us here.

Rest in peace and perfect health Veronica. Look down on those who miss you so much.
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Bless your heart I can feel the pain in your words. I send my condolences to you and your family. Its just like losing a child. In time, the pain will ease. Im sure you gave her a wondeful life. She is now pain free. Rest in Peace Veronica and know you are loved!
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You got to play with her and hold her and love her and get her hairs all over you on the last morning you spent with Veronica.
Don't beat yourself up about spending Thanksgiving away.

It sounds like she had a wonderful life with you and I agree with the other posters--she was not in pain for long and is out of it now.
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Thank you so much you guys - I really needed a hug from some fellow kitty lovers. I'm feeling better (right now at least) in large part due to your encouragement. When my husband and I get down again (probably in a few hours) we can come back, read your responses and feel a little warmer. Thank you all, L
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I'm sorry for your loss You had 17 long years together. Which is wonderful. I know the pain you are going through. I lost my kitty on Thankgiving day. He was only 1 1/2. My thoughts are with you.
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RIP Veronica. It sounds like she had a wonderful, long life with you, plus you got to be there with her when she passed away.
It hurts to lose someone that's been in your life for so long, I know that well... it does get easier with time, but the hurt never completely goes away.
You are in my thoughts today...
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Although her death came as a shock, I believe it was the kindest way for her to go for both of you. She did not suffer and you did not have to agonize over letting her go. It was nothing you did or failed to do. Veronica had a recent check up and you took her in as soon as you realized there was a problem. She passed away with the one she loved.

It's not important to find an urn immediately, something else might work. I've used many different things... Leslie Anne Ivory makes some really lovely tins that are appropriate. Even just a carved wooden box that you like. Some of the Lang stationery boxes are very pretty. They will return her to you in something nice. You don't have to find the perfect place for her to rest today or tomorrow.

I'm not sure about your sister, maybe she doesn't understand. But I do.
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I am so sorry about your sweet baby, make no mistake they are our children. I lost my Beautiful Himalayan Bella a few months you said the pain is physical, not just emotional. I know someday you will find comfort in your beautiful memories of your baby Veronica. May she Rest in Peace
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Oh I'm so so so sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my dear RB kitty Glory just as fast and it was an awful shock. I'm sorry that you are going through this. Maybe there is a hidden blessing in that she didn't suffer through a long sickness. I truly am so sorry.

Play happy now little one.
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Dear L,
I am so sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you mean. I won't be having any children either. My cats are my kids. I just lost my son of the 17th of November. He was hit by a car. He was only three. I know exactly how you feel. It is such a blessing to be with them when they go. We give them the courage. 17 is very very old for a cat, God blessed you with extra years with your baby. She didn't suffer, that is a blessing too. We can't stop death, but God can make it hurt less. Lucky was my child, and your baby was your child. Another little life will need you down the road, be open to that....

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This is so incredibly sad. I'm so sorry for your pain. Please don't feel badly about leaving at Thanksgiving. There is no way you could have known this would happen. You have two things to be thankful for . She lived a long life as a testament to the good care and love you provided. She did not suffer long which is such a blessing. Sending lots of hugs.
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I'm so very sorry this happened. I hope in time, somehow, the pain will lessen and it will get easier for you to remember the happier times with your baby. My heart goes out to you at this time and what you must be going through. Please take care of yourself too.
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I am so very sorry to hear this, but you must have given her a wonderful life to get to the grand old age of 17. It is soo much harder when they go suddenly, and we simply dont have the time to prepare ourselves for it. Things will get better in time though, and we all know what you are going through, and are all here for you. RIP little one.
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Oh no. I'm so incredibly sorry. This is just heartbreaking. You little baby girl was taken from you so suddenly, not than you can ever be ready, but you had no time to even nearly prepare for this emotionally. Heaven needed a new Angel~fast

Absolutely, our kitties are our children, our loves, our life. Your heart must be shattered to pieces. How will you manage to awaken without your precious girl by your side. Please do know as you read this that Veronica is so happy and healthy now. She's in Heaven watching over her Mommy, and one wonderful day, you will be reunited. Bless you, L.
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I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I also do not have children, and lost my cat unexpectedly 2 years ago. The pain never fully leaves you, but it will become easier. The happy thoughts will slowly over take the sadness. My heart goes out to you.

RIP Veronica.
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Oh Lollyb, I am so sorry about Veronica, even tho 17 years is a long time, its not long enough when you love your cat so, I lost my 16 year old Snow 1 month ago, November 4, to be exact, I had to have her put down , she had been failing for about a year prior, it is not easy, that I know. The bones in my face actually pained me so bad from crying. They give us such unconditional love, and when they get sick and we cannot save them, we feel as if we failed them, but we don't, not the way we love them. From your post, you were a very good mother to Veronica, it takes time, you will feel better, know that she is at peace now, bless you. Karen
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I am so so very sorry, words can not describe how much my heart aches for you and I shed tears for you right now. How incredibly painful this time must be for you & your husband.

I am, however pleased that you found us, we all totally know exactly how you are feeling. Please know that you can talk to us whenever you need, have a cry or whichever. We are all friends here

RIP sweet darling Veronica.

Your Mom loves you so very much. Watch over her and keep her safe until you meet again

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