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Bad weather in the midwest

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While my area is on the very fringe of this front the local weather station has stated there are blizzard warnings out for Milwaukee and Racine counties. (up to 10 inches plus wind) The Chicago area is getting this front too along with Indiana, lower Michigan and parts ofOhio.
To all the TCS'ers that live in this effected area-please stay safe today!!!
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Thanks is pretty nasty out today...........Mother Nature was very good to us the last week or so, but now we're going to pay for it!
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My DH got into Joplin, Mo yesterday before the blizzard hit. He was supposed to be taking a load to San Antonio, TX but had to trade the load off to another driver that had more hours to drive because the reciever wanted the load last night. When the blizzard hit both of us was glad that he traded off the load. He said this morning that what wasn't snow was ice. Here in Northwest New Mexico we didn't get as much snow but it is very, very cold. The youngest daughters water pipes froze yesterday and the low last night was 5. My dogs, who normally like to sleep outside, did not complain when I made them stay in the house over night.
It looks as if you live anywhere from Dallas to Chicago, today is a good day to curl up with a book.
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Great I hope it doesn't get to bad up here by Cleveland
Everyone stay safe!!
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stay safe and warm folks.............sounds like a good reason for a "duvet day"
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I am buying boots RIGHT NOW. Clearly, sneakers were not a good choice for this morning.

Not only is it snowing NOW, but it rained last night. The result is that the streets are covered in ugly grey slush and we're supposed to get gusts of wind up to THAT'S a blizzard!
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yes. All our members in the effected area please stay safe and warm!
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Sounds like a good day to stay in and watch a movie
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Its not snowing here yet, but its supposed to start tonight. We got a ton of rain overnight. The park that is beside our house now looks like a river and from our ceiling leaking, our house is nice and wet. My boyfriend woke up to the ceiling in the bedroom leaking on him this morning.
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I'm in Central NY right now and we have a flash flood watch, a high wind warning, and a special weather statement. We're supposedly going to have massive thunderstorms tonight!
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Had our weather fun here yesterday! brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Everyone stay safe and warm. We were hit with that storm on Tuesday night/Wednesday. What they originally said would just be insignificant snow flurries ended up being about 6" of snow. They sure got the bitter cold right, though. Our high on Wednesday was in the teens, and yesterday we still didn't get much above freezing.

If you don't have to go out, snuggle up with the fur-babies, and enjoy being inside!
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We got the rain yesterday and the high winds during the night. No snow - yet...

Plan to spend the day indoors with kitties, fleece throws and hot chocolate. And TCS.
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It's happening in Ontario too! We've had freezing rain for the last number of hours now! Yeck!! I have to go out to the gym later though, so it better get good enough to least for 1 hour. The rest of the time can be spent inside trying to make some sense of my "stuff" for the move and drinking some enlgish breakfast tea.
Stay warm!
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We don't have the severe weather some of you are experiencing, but it's only about 10 degrees above zero right now! That's quite a change from the 50 degree weather we had just a few days ago! Stay safe everyone!
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Originally Posted by Lorie D. View Post
We don't have the severe weather some of you are experiencing, but it's only about 10 degrees above zero right now! That's quite a change from the 50 degree weather we had just a few days ago! Stay safe everyone!
Its pretty cold here too! Brrr!!

To all of you getting the snow - send some my way!
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It has gone from the mid 60's to the low 30's today in the Chicago Suburbs. We also got about 5 inches of snow over night. I am also really beginning to wonder where the money goes for our condo association fees. It is almost 11 am here and nothing has been shoveled here yet. I did some shoveling this morning to give myself a path to get out of the house for when I leave for work this afternoon. I am really hoping that the sidewalks are shoveled before I have to leave. There were too many cars sliding around on the road for me to feel comfortable walking in the street. Hope everyone dealing with chilly weather is staying warm today.
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We got 12 inches overnight and its very windy and cold ! It's still snowing! My boss called and gave me the day off as we've only had 2 people all day so I'm curled in bed with the laptop, watching DH and Kitters sleeping!! It's a great place to be right now!
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