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great news for us!

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Within 2 days, two bills have been wiped out! I got a bonus from my last job, and I wiped out my Best Buy credit card ($1900) & closed that account. And, I sold something for $500, which will wipe out the remaining $150 on hubby's Dell laptop, which will be closed out, too! We will now be saving a total of $120/month! I knew eventually everthing would come together for us. Now, we are hoping we will be qualified to refinance, which would save us an extra $100 a month. Initially, our loan officer told us we were not qualified due to high debt ratio, but she proceeded on with it. Last week, she said our paperwork made it to the 2nd step, which is loan funding, I believe, which she said is great news. We had to put $500 down to start the process, but once we get qualified, we get the money back. Had we chosen to stop the paperwork, it would have been non-refundable, which is why she chose to push forward. If they somehow turn us down, we also get the $$$$ back. I am just so relieved to have 2 bills wiped out!
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That is great news!! It always feels so good once a credit card or other bill is paid off!!!!! So did you ever get that car?? Do you have pictures of it? I just love those Eclipse's!!
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Ya, here's the pic the day I got it:

Hubby has been looking @ new homes, because we want a new house, that is bigger. Of course, not now, but probably in a year or so we will see about it.
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Oh that is a beautiful car!! Thanks for the picture!!!!!
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Now's the time to buy a house, with interest rates so low. Bill and I got 6 1/4%, back in December. The credit union, also, refigured our truck loan and dropped us from 6 1/4% to 5.35%. THAT's going to save us a bit, each month.
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http://www.newhomes.com/homes.cfm?st...ion=eastvalley We were looking at quite a few. One of them was the San Sineon. Think the interest rates will remain low for the next 2 years? I need to check into refinancing the other car to see if it has dropped any lower since last year.
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Check into HUD houses. Some of them can be pretty rundown but, occasionally, a good one turns up. They've got creative financing plans, too. Also, the Fannie Mae Foundation helps first-time buyers and people with shaky credit.
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