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Meeting Cornish Rex Breeder

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My husband and I have decided we would like to add a Cornish Rex to our family. We have one and we feel he need a mate. No matter how much we play with him he wants to play with our other 3 cats and they just don't have his energy level. We have thought about this and determined we do have the time and resources for a fifth cat. It is something we have thought alot about.

After months of cat shows, talking with breeders and preparing we have an appointment this Saturday with a breeder that is a member of TICA and CFA. In our conversation with the breeder who has a 7 month old male that is described as sweet and gentle, they asked the question about our other four cats and whether it would be a good fit. We had told the breeder everything about our homelife and why we wanted another Cornish Rex. I am not sure how to address this concern and it is a legitimate one. I want our next kit to be comfortable and well adjusted. I am prepared to talk about our cats heirarchy and their dispositions. Our Zander the Cornish Rex it top cat, of course and the others are pretty laid back. And I am prepared to talk about my philosophy on keeping my kits healthy physicallly and emotionally. I am prepared to talk about how much time I spend with the kits.

What do you look for in a potential buyer? Is there something I else I should be considering in this addition? I guess I am just a little nervous about this meeting although I am glad that they are making sure that their kit is going to get the right home. No one else asked about the other cats and I am feeling unprepared.

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Congrats on anthoer cornie Don't worry about Zandar. Cornies love each other and rarly fight (if everyone is neutered). My rexie female, Lily thought she was boss, but the rest of the rexes were fine together.

Spooky got along with everyone - including our whole male rex. Tinker knew he was a male, but had a very loving personality to everyone and didn't fight.

When I was "interviewing" people for my babies, I would ask them general questions as to why they wanted a rex, did they have other cats, were their cats inside totally or outdoors, did they have kids - if so, what ages, other pets. And if they told me their cat died recently - I'd ask how. If it got out and ran away or hit by a car, I would not sell to them as rexes had to be totally indoor cats and mine had no desire to be outside.

I had been around enough people and hear them talking about their pets that I could pretty much read the type of person they were. If I felt uncomfortable with them, I'd just say that I didnt think my rexes would fit into their household.

I did have one person come in a show hall (first time) and see my babies I was showing and exclaimed "ohhhh I want one of those!" They hadn't a clue as to what a rex was, personality, etc. So I simply told them. "Do me a favor and take a little time to look at all the cats here today. Then if you are really serious about rexes, come back and talk to me for awhile and we'll see if that's the kind you really want."

They were happy to do so, came back a few hours later and after sitting and talking for awhile decided to adopt one of the rex babies. I also told them I did not like "impulse buyers"....never go to a show and pick out what you want right away - walk around, study the breed and THEN decide what you want

Just curious are to what cattery you plan on getting your cat from. I'm from Maryland originally and know a lot of the east coast rex breeders - pm me and I'll let you know if they are ok to deal with
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