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Ding bat cat

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Kirra is soooo smart but can be such a ding bat sometimes. My latest problem with her, the oven. Yup you heard me. I was making my turkey for thanksgiving and when i had the door open to bast and what not, she comes up and practically puts her nose on the open inside part of the door. Now i cant make anything in there without her getting right up, i am suprised she hasnt burned her whiskers. Any ideas would be great. I am sure its because she loves heat so much. We have a gas heater for our heat source in the house (gotta love old mill houses) and she will lay within 1 foot of the heater sound asleep. When its off she sits there stairing at it as if to say, why isnt this on. But i thought cats were good about heat bad stay away.
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I had a friend's cat like that, getting far too close to the oven, and more importantly, to fires in the fireplace but surprisingly she's never been burned and she still does it. I bet if she ever actually did get burned then she'd learn her lesson from that one experience and back off a bit.
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Maybe you could get her one of those heated cat beds or blankets. It might keep her away from the bad heat sources might work?
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We usually scared the kittens/cats away from the kitchen when opening the oven. Luckily most sensed the extreme heat and stayed back
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