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Close encounter with the fireman kind

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So yesterday I was going to a credit union to get a loan. I didn't know exactly where it was so I got directions of mapquest. Well they weren't exactly the best and it was not fun in rush hour traffic to try to find the place. So I turned on to a side road and found a fire station. There were firemen outside setting up a volleyball net. So I thought "They will know where this place is!!" So I pull in a one guy approaches. He is a cutie but he looks familiar. So I am asking for directions. He says "Hey, you are Lee's wife aren't you!" Turns out he works at the gas station by my house when he isn't fighting fires!! Well he doesn't know wher e this address is so another even cuter blondish guy comes over . They start debating the address of the apartments down the road and then the chief (I think that is the ones in the white shirts) comes over and settles it. He knew where the place was. But it was a good highlight to see all the hot fireman in their shorts and t-shirts setting up for a game of volleyball.
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I wish I could have been there! lol
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OMG I loooooooooove firemen.. I wish I was with you, I need to pick me up one of those
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I can tell you where the firsestation is! They were young too. Like 20's maybe early 30's
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The white shirts are reserved for the officers....Jerry has one as well! When I was single, if it hadn't been considered a crime, I was always tempted to call in and say, HELP HELP, hoping a rugged fireman would come save me...........
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Lucky you getting to see the cute firemen!

But, I'm concerned that only the chief knew where that address was? I hope those 2 didn't drive the trucks!
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