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Hubsand and Wife adopted a cutie-pie

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Hello, Everyone!

I've been looking at this forum for a while now, since my husband and I adopted our cutie cat Jaden. She has a great story about being adopted, but it is rather long. The short version is we'd been going to PetSmart every week to look at the kitties. One week we saw a cute gray and white girl with distinct markings and christened her "Beardster" as kind of a joke. We left, but we kept thinking about her. The next week we went back and she was gone, assumed to be adopted out. But we still remembered her. Went back again the next week and low and behold she was back! We quickly arranged to adopt her and bring her to our apartment. We named her Jaden after her beautiful green eyes.

She is about 1 1/2 years old and was very thin when we got her and also had worms. She's gained a whopping 4.5 lbs in 2 1/2 months from 5.5 lbs to 8 lbs. She's very active and playful and cute. Oh, and she totally tricked us. She had shorthair when we adopted her. I got her food for healthy skin and coat and she grew out into a long hair (actually she's more angora, with a plumey tail and tufted toes). But her coat doesn't shed, which is fabulous.

She loves to play with real fur mousies. I got her some that were fake fur, and she scoffed at them. I learned my lesson and bought her a pack of 30 real fur mousies which she tosses in the air and chases around at least twice a day. She has brought a lot of joy to our house. We dote on her endlessly, giving her the yummiest Meow Mix pouches and Purina dry food (Usually blend of Pro Plan and One). She wakes us up when she wants her breakfast by jumping off the bed and on the bed and off again. It's as if she's saying, "Follow me to the food!" And she had the sweetest apartment voice, going "mew, mew" and a lot of times she opens her mouth to meow but no sound comes out. She's not a lap cat as of yet, but she will sit next to you if you have food. She's more of a "lay on the floor until someone sees how cute I am" girl.

My name is Carolyn, my husband is Scott. He's a web designer/director and I'm a freelance graphic designer/housewife. I love to cook and bake from scratch. Lately I've been making loaves of banana bread for the holidays. I also made some cranberry orange muffins which were fabulous. Oh, and we're hopefully buying a house soon, after 2 years of renting.

Hopefully this pics will attach, they were taken right when we brought her home, so she still had short hair then.
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Awesome story! great to hear about your playful addition! a very precious kitty indeed!
Welcome and see ya around the board!
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Oh what a beautiful girl!!!!
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Hi Carolyn, welcome to you, Scott and Jaden. What a beautiful girl she is and I love her name! What a wonderful story of how Jaden wrapped you around her paw, so you would take her home.

Cant wait to see more pics of your baby girl and hear more lovely stories of her, as well. You will find loads of info here.
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What a pretty kitty! I especially love the one with her tongue sticking out. I'm sure she is also very beautiful with her long hair! Welcome to the site and may you have lots of happiness with your new family member =)
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Welcome to TCS, Carolyn & Jaden Jaden is really beautiful, and I love the name From your personality description, I was thinking that maybe she has some Maine Coon, although MCs are expensive and popular, so I don't know what the odds of an accidental breeding w/ a MC cat would be I look forward to reading more about Jaden in future posts. Congratulations on such a wonderful addition to the family Susan
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Welcome to TCS! What a great story.
Jaden reminds me of my Mischief, whom also has brilliant green eyes. He was a stray and we experienced the exact same thing... he had such short hair when we took him in and in no time at all, he became Maine Coon-ish.

See you around!
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and a warm welcome from Spain and my kitty-crew

Jaden is such a sweetie I would love to see her with her long coat on how amazing is that then - short to long hair
She is obviously a very happy kitty and grown lovely long hair to prove it

Well enjoy the forums........but beware, you´ll soon become officially addicted
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Scott Here,

I have to add that at the shelter she'd fall over to get more petting. It was the cutest thing!!! After a few days of being home though, she stopped. It was a ploy to get us to adopt her!!

Anyway, she's been doing it more lately though, and it's a wonderful thing. She makes me so happy, I just want to squeeze her and pet her all day long... but I gotta work

I'll try to post more photos soon.
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What a cutie! Look at those BIG feet...I'm sure she will end up as a big girl!
I, too, adopted all three of my cats and I do believe that they have special tricks that they do - as soon as THEY pick out their future owner...once they adopt us, they then spend quite a bit of time training us. Stupid humans! Sometimes it takes a while for us to catch on to their wants! Congrats on your new addition!
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Welcome to TCS! You have a beautiful little girl there! I can't wait to hear more about her.
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Welcome to TCS all 3 of you

Jadens a little sweetie and we'd love to see more of her in fur pages
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Welcome Carolyn, Scott and Jaden! She sounds (and looks) so cute! 30 mice? How many of them can you find now?
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Dear Captiva:

Yes, we got her the pack o' mice about a month ago. She usually only plays with one at a time, so I dole them out when she's lost another one. Scott put barriers up around the couch with those inflated air packing material. We have a one bedroom apt, and she doesn't play with the mice in the bedroom. So we have a kitchen, dining "area" and living room. Even with these limited areas, she still has lost a bunch of mice. I honestly don't know where they've gone! I check regularly under desks, the chair, and the TV cabinet. I also get a flashlight and look under the fridge and the stove, but usually only find one, if that! Sometimes I go searching the apt, and Jaden follows me around helping. If I don't find any, I'll give up. Then later that night, she emerges from some hiding spot with her mouse! She knew where it was the whole time and just enjoys watching me. Silly girl.
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Welcome to TCS Jaden is beautiful I can see why she captured your hearts!!
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Oh, the excitement of your new family addition is just radiating through my screen! Congrats on Jaden...she sounds beautiful. Adopting a pet as you did is always a fabulous decision!
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Dear Jaden, Carolyn and Scott:

Welcome to TheCatSite and glad you found us here! Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for adopting an adult cat who needed and deserved a loving forever home! Jaden is a beauty and I can see her plumy tail in the photos. Yes, TLC is what every cat needs to thrive!

We are 9 rescued, indoor-only, spayed/neutered felines -- I am the eldest at almost 17, and Baby Su is the youngest, at just 2. Our devoted servant has lived with and rescued cats all her life, and never met a cat she didn't love.
We all have a great time here in our desert home, but we'll be moving down to the city soon, with our devoted servant, when she does something called "divorce". We aren't sure what that is -- we're just glad we're all going to be together and that she wouldn't trade us for the world!
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