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Drooling/diarrhea - help!

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My little tabby had diarrhea today, so far just once. He's eaten and drank some water, but he's drooling. He swaloows and licks occasionally as if to "clean up", but sometimes it just drips out of his mouth. He seems okay otherwise, but I'm worried and of course it's now 10 PM., so no trip to the vet until tomorrow earliest. Any advice out there?
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Do you have an emergency vet that you can call and explain the symptoms to?

Do you have any plants that the cat might have eaten?

PS: Sorry, where are my manners? Welcome to The Cat Site.
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Thanks. No I don't have an emergency vet, never needed one - but I guess I could check the yellow pages. And I only have one live plant - some bamboo that grows in water but the cats can't get to it.
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OK, try the yellow pages and see if you can find the phone number of an emergency vet. Explain to them that you can not bring the cat down now (unless of course, you can....they more than likely will want you to) but could they help with the symptoms until you can get the cat to your vet tomorrow.

Is he eating, drinking, using the litter box, is he playing, lethargic?
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He seems pretty good, I just called him and he came running, purring when I picked him up. He's just "wet", he sort of drips/drools. He acts fine otherwise. I'm just used to Roady (his name) being healthy and I'm freaked about his syptoms. I run a pretty tight ship around here because he will lick up or eat wierd things, I hope he didn't get hold something he shouldn't have!
I think I'll go look up a PM vet.
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Does he drool when you pet him, or all the time?
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Just an update on Roady. He's fine. Since he was acting fine otherwise, I just did what I knew to do to take care of the diarrhea. I made a syrup of slippery elm powder and gave him a teaspoon - no more diarrhea, no more drooling. The drooling was so wierd, I still can't find info on that. I will ask the vet next check up or oppurtunity. Anyhow he is eating, playing, and generally being the friendly little tabby he has always been.
This incident prompted me to go back to my "Natural Cat" book, and I'm going to add some healthy holistic items to both Roady and Maya's diet.
I read the thread on canned food and I too am searching for a good one without by products.
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