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Kitty Pics!

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Just thought Id share the new pics of my 10 week old grey tabby Purdie. These pics were taken just 2 hours ago I know how much you all love new baby kittes, so here they are!

Neesey xx
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A nice clean bowl!
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The cutest face in the world
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What an adorable little kitten!
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Oh my, Neesey!!!!!! What a cutie pie!!!! I'm sooooo jealous of you, lol, but let's not tell Scooter, Gizmo, Tigger, Cinnamon or Fluffy, ok! She looks so much like a silver marble bengal to me! Congrats on your new baby.
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HI Tigger,

She sure is cute! Shes not a pedigree cat, just a mere Moggie Her Mum was black, and her Dad a plain tabby, so Ive no idea where the grey came from! Ive always loved grey tabby cats, Id give anything for a silver / black spotted british shorthair, but over here in the UK, they sell for £400 +. Thats a whole lot of money! I love to home Moggies, they are in my eyes, just as lovely

I will give Purdie a hug from you tonight

Neesey xx

Here is another pic
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Yep, moggies are just as great! How is Emma, the puppy doing?
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Not too good im afarid. Hubby and I think that from her problems, that she isnt well. Im trying to re-home her to a more suitable environment. Im hoping some lovely lady is out there, just waiting to take Emma on board

Will keep you posted.

Neesey xx (The Moggie Lover!)
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Purdie is so adorable!!! I love the pictures!!! Sorry to hear about Emma, though.
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Purdie is adorable... I love the swirl on her side!
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She's so precious, I love her markings.
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She's a beauty, and appears to be a camera hog, too!
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OM! She does look just like a silver bengal! She is do cute!
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Neesey - you are SO lucky to have such a beuatiful baby.

Having spent Saturday with a room-full of baby kits (at the CP Open Day) I'm all for getting more tiddlers.

Hubbs said 'Well - maybe you've got this cat thing out of your system for a while, having spent so may hours in the company of kittens'

NO WAY. Makes me want them even more.
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Neesey!! She is SOOOO cute!!!! Absolutely adorable!!!
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Absolutely adorable. Thanks so much for sharing the pics!
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PS Sorry to hear about Emma, there will be someone out there just right for her, I'm sure.
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Purdie's name sure fits her - she is a very purdie girl! Love her markings, and you are right...what a cute little face!!! Thanks for sharing her pics with us.
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she sure is "Purdie"!
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