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Chaos in Akron

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In Akron, OH, a terrible inhumane crime has been passed. City Councilwomen Renee Greene and Mary Ellen McAvoy have passed a ordinance (which is now a law) that any cat that is let outside will get picked up and brought to a "shelter" and then murdered. How do you all feel about this and what can we do about it? Please help! For more info, visit http://saveourcats.org

Thanx everybody
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Shadow Cat, We have been made aware of this ordinance by a few other people. It's atrocious. Many of us have had our pets accidentally get outside, and have been worried sick for fear they get lost or stolen. To have the added concern that the municipality could take your cat and kill it (not euthanize, because I don't believe they are being merciful!) is terrible. We have to put break away collars on our cats if they are allowed outside, and still we worry for fear the collar will fail and the cat will be harmed. Indoor cats would have collars mostly for fun only. Now the cat owners in Akron have no choice. This law is inhumane. This is how the link begins:

Since Tuesday June 25, 2002

396 cats and kittens have been KILLED!

565 Picked Up

169 Adopted or Remain at Shelter

These are official figures obtained from the Summit County Animal Shelter
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I can't understand what's going on in the brains of those people! What they SHOULD consider (IF they have a cat over population) IS the rat population! It isn't the cats fault they're homeless but typically something draws them there. Besides, why not spay/neuter and release?? I think they need to drop some funds into no kill shelters, they're absolutely wonderful and since they aren't for profit they aren't typical A-HOLES like the ones at some KILL shelters I see (our local human society is FOR THE BIRDS).

Gosh, I'm so enraged and there's so many thoughts swarming around my brain I can't line them all up properly. I guess I'm baffled at what caused them to come to this murderous conclusion? And where's the ASPCA in all this?


Embarrassed to be human....
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I really appreciate all your rage, for it is equal with mine! Thanks for the info, Jeanie G. Anyway, I hope to Gosh that something is done about this INHUMANE CRIME, and I'll post a poll about what form of "boycott" will help the most, as soon as I learn how to work it. Thanks for your comments!

I, too, am embarrased to be human...

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Unfortuantely what they fail to recognize is this is a HUMAN problem and not an animal problem. It has to start with education, with low cost spay and neuter programs available year round. It is far to easy to blame the cats, because after all, they have no voice and can be easily squelched if you were born without a heart. It is lazy cat owners who just decide the cat is better outside, it can fend for itself and that cat will form an alliance with other cast offs and thus the colony grows. Unchecked and un-neutered a colony of 5 will inbreed and grow to 15 to 34 to.........and all because some people will not step up to the plate and take responsibility for a cat. I see it all the time and it sickens me and like others who come to these forums, I do what I can with the limited means available to me to make my part of the world of ferals better for them.

I did not vote in your poll because all the ideas are good, all will work if implemented, but the best way to elicit change is to campaign to change the laws. To write to your local congressman and instead of getting angry, give him or her cold hard facts they can research for themselves, and hopefully you will find the pet lover among one or two of them.
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I have e-mailed the Mayor of Akron and asked why the city is not using the neuter/spay, care, release program offered. I told him I would be happy to print his answer. I have been waiting for quite a while, and have received no answer. He would be wise to try to redeem the reputation of the city. Would any animal lover want to move there?

The following is a quote from Linda Beane's open letter to the Akron City Council:

I have also learned of the audio tape that reflects the general amusement the council felt after one member said quite smugly that the first day the ordinance takes affect the pound will be full. Then another member remarked that on the third day it will be empty. The hearty laugh you enjoyed at this disgusting remark hardly suggest you are really serious about this problem.

It is obvious you all dislike cats and the thought of killing thousands of them is quite a powerful and satisfying an endeavor to all involved. (May I say your merry exchanges that day will make for good media in the future? Does the word contemptible sound so amusing?) What do you suppose people/voters are going to make of that verbal, mirth filled laughter?

Do you think little children that have lost their beloved pets will laugh too? Are their tears funny to you also? I wonder what else amuses you? (end qoute)
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Thank you SO much for this information, and your efforts. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. We would all like to think that we are all created equal and that we live in a wealthy, free country, but just this act of killing all the cats proves us wrong. Humans may be "free", but our small, furry admirers and lovers aren't.

The mayor is probably immune by now to all the complaints and cries the good part of the community has sent, but I do hope that he has at least one ounce of pity left. We can only hope.
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