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Miss Spotty Paws VS Sudden Impact

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Yeah, so I'm in my office catching up on things that need to get done...surfing TCS...enjoying some down time.........when I hear Miss Spotty Paws squalling like her tails on fire.
OK, I've been through this before........we should have named her Miss Drama Queen. I grab the camera before heading into the kitchen to see what the big fuss is about....I already know she's making a mountain out of a mole hill, but a photo-op is probably waiting.
Just as I suspected, she's pestered one of the boys enough to have him want to retaliate, so now since she's getting some of her own medicine she's gotta complain.
Trust me, I've watched her instigate things over and over.

I said nothing until the last couple of shots when Impact was getting rough, just started snapping are some of the better ones in the sequence of events.

Miss Spotty Paws made the mistake of trying to hide here, Sudden Impact has her now

Impact moves in for the pounce

Spotty gets away and tries to hide in a soda box. (Ya might fit if ya hadn't gotten so big by now!)

"What Dad? we're not doing anything!" ( Bengals stick up for each other when faced with human scolding)
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My RB kitty Aurora was notorious for doing the same thing. She'd smack one of her littermates and when they tried to retaliate, she'd run to her Daddy (Mommy didn't care) for protection.

BTW, she's a gorgeous kitten! (But you knew that already. )
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I love the one of her trying to get into the pop box!
They look so cute and innocent in the last photo!
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oh my! what a crew!

I love the one of miss spotty paws grying to get into the soda box!
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I love the innocent looks in the last pic
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That is so FUNNY!!!! I love the last "What Dad?" Pic!!!
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That's so cute! She really can pull off the innocent look.
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That is just too cute!!!! They are gorgeous
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awww, look at those sweet faces!!! too cute!!!
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They are beautiful!!!!!!!!
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Awwwwww look at their sweet faces looking up at you though Those eyes just make you melt!
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those are great! I have an instigator too, Athena is always getting herself in trouble, although she hasn't tried hiding in a pop box
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you have lovely cats!
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Your babies are soooo gorgeous!! I lobe them to bits!! Their markingings are absolutely stunning!! Great pictures of the little wild ones in action!!
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Aww!! I can't WAIT until you can breed Ms Spotty Paws and Jack! My FI and I can't afford a bengal, but if we could, we'd buy one of their babies in a heartbeat!
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Thats great! They're gorgeous!!! I'll bet you can't stay mad at them though!
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