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how to get my Luxor to stop scrounging for food

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Hi everyone,

Back story: Stoli flew in in June of this year. He was our 'first' cat and we took a while to let him have free reign of our condo. he is closely monitored on food intake etc. etc.

October: we got Luxor and after a slow introduction, Stoli and Luxor got to be pretty good friends.

Now: Luxor is constantly scrounging for food. He eats enough (wellness) wet and dry food. Anthony and I will rinse our plates out after meals, put them in the dishwasher and rinse the sink out. Luxor STILL scrounges in the sick for morsels.

He has gotten into a box of cereal this week. . . .

He has begun to rope Stoli into his food excursions, much to our dismay. Today we found our cabinet open (first time ever) and Luxor smelled like our turkey trash. We checked the garbage and only meat was missing (no bones or anything). BUUUUUUUUUUUT Stoli and Luxor weren't hungry for their breakfast this morning.

We have installed child locks on all our cabinets, but Luxor still just walks around like a little kitty vacuum - trying to suck up anything that smells like food on the floor.

Will he grow out of this or have we a monster on our hands?????
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I'm sorry, but welcome to owning a spotted cat! And, just so you know, the Mau's are one of the cats used to create the bengal.

I know other cats do this sort of thing, but the spotted cats seem the worst ...and.......they do recruit.

We have baby locks on all our cabinets in the kitchen and even though we rinse our plates before placing them in the sink, the bengals always have to snoop through them.
Opening the refrigerator and pausing to look for something is an invitation for a bengal to jump inside to help.

We have a secure trash container in our kitchen and the bengals have not figured out how to open it, but I see them studying it...and I'm worried.

I almost forgot to add, that bengals are bottomless pits.
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Mine will get into anything and everything, too.

The worst, in my opinion, is the Qtips. They just have a thing for earwax. I have to walk to the kichen to throw them out in a trashcan with a lid. They're in all of our kichen cabinets, including the ones above the fridge, until I blocked it off with a heavy piece of kichen machinery. Get a trash can with a lid, and wash your dishes immediately. It helps if the lid of the trash can is kitty proof, but mine haven't figured it out yet. Probably because their daddy is a pushover and will let them eat off his plate when I'm not watching. They're all three big fans of pineapple yogurt.

And yes, you have two monsters on your hands.
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vigilance forever I think. Abi has learned to open drawers and doors - especially the pantry where she raids it for pastries, granola, brioche and bread. this usually happens in the evening when we are engrossed ina movie or tv. she has learned to be quite stealthy in her food raid.

we keep a tight lid on the one garbage can with food. She also loves to jump into the paper recycle bin and chomp and spit out the corners of paper. that one we allow because it all stays in the bin happily.

it's maddening when it isn't making me laugh. don't you think?
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8-Bit does this ALL THE TIME!!! At first I thought it was cute, that is until I realized he could get into the refrigerator and chomp his way through whole bags of salad. I've found that getting a coffee can and putting a few pennies in it helps when I've found him trying to get into places where he shouldn't. I've also found that this works well for keeping him off high areas.


I'm glad you are using the baby lock that’s really the best way to keep them out of places they shouldn't be.

If you need anything feel free to PM me.
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I'm glad I don't have your guy's cats!

I would look into getting a kitty proof garbage can, or else getting one that fits into one of your cupboards. Maybe leave food for Luxor to scrounge off the floor(like the Wellness dry)? In the latest issue of Cat Fancy, it shows toys that you can make that get filled with food. I cut a few holes in a Dasani water bottle & filled it with Lily's normal dry food & left that out for her. It took her days to figure out that if she rolls it, food comes out, but now she brings me the bottle to re-fill.
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I haven't picked up the new cat fancy - so i'll definitely have to do that. as for the garbage can - it has always been in the cabinet under the sink - that NOW has a child lock on it. so far so good - they haven't gotten back into it. As for toys - I have a treatball - I should get it back out again!
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I almost forgot to add, that bengals are bottomless pits.
stoli and luxor seem to be too, i just don't want to over feed them - should i keep watching what i feed them even though they are still kittens?

he could get into the refrigerator and chomp his way through whole bags of salad.
he was strong enough to pry open the fridge? wow
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