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Holiday Gift for my Cat

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I went to the secondhand store down the street and picked up a 1930's fur wrap for a small sum. It's in good shape (I didn't believe it was that old) except some of the lining stitching is coming undone.

Gizmo immediately rolled up on it in a little ball and had a lovely nap. The store owner was astounded that I'd give the fur to a cat....but who else would I give it to? and it probably reminds Gizmo of her mother. At least the cat has good taste.
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Sounds like a great gift to me! Nothing like cuddling with fur on a cold day. (My fur is white and is curled up next to the computer for his noontime nap.)
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I thought that maybe Gizmo loved her fur so much that she wouldn't sleep with me in bed any more, but she is just as affectionate as ever.
Secondhand stores are great for this sort of thing and it's cheaper than a cat bed.
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How awesome!

I still have my mama's full elngth mink coat. I've a mind to get it out and see if the cats like to sleep on it.
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Well, if you don't choose to wear the coat yourself, the cats will probably love it.

I don't think the mink retains Gizmo's hair, so if someone needs to borrow 'her' fur, it won't show the cat hairs!
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Gizmo now makes biscuits on the mink, also rolls around with it and rabbit-kicks it.

I wonder if she would like a feline playmate? We are definitely going ahead with the Jacques experiment during my winter break. Jacques is the twenty pound Cat Upstairs. He's so laid back and calm tempered --and he loves to play--that he's the right choice for the experiment. We'll first let him sniff at Gizmo from the other side ofmy front door (the apartment has a closed hallway.) Then he'll be put at one end of the hall and I'll let Gizmo out into the hallway but leave the door open; she can run home and hide if she finds Jacques too intimidating. He's over twice her size and physically much larger.

The two cats have smelt each other's scent for a year now when their respective owners (me and the couple upstairs) go catsitting or visiting.
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