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Laser Addiction?

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My cat Astrid LOVES the laser toy. She will wear herself out chasing it around. In fact, when I get home now, the only thing that will stop her whiny crying is a round of play with that toy. No other toys will do.

I don't like to hear her cry, and I worry that she playing too rough when we use it - she will sometimes look at me and be breathing with an open mouth. Once I saw her do that I stopped immediately and she was so upset. I now play much shorter and don't make her chase it as much, but she cries if I don't.

Anyone else have a furry laser fiend in the house?
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Hello, my name is Ginger, and I am a laser light addict.

My brother Ferris is one too, but he's still in denial.
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Haha, my cat Luna is just the opposite. Out comes the laser and she looks at it for a moment, then looks at me like "are you kidding? I KNOW it's just a light on a wall!" I wish she would play with it though, may slim her up a little.
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yep heyu loves it,
she will somteims get bored of it, but give it a few days and she is more then ready to chase it again
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