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Life after Honey Boy

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Ohmygoodness! It is so soon after the passing of my little Honey Boy but fate has stepped in and brought me another little bundle of joy. I wanted another Abyssinian, as I loved Honey's personality so much. Yesterday, I called a few breeders who said that their queens were due any day or had just given birth. Although I wanted to wait a while before getting another cat, 3 months was a bit long to be without a beautiful Aby in the house. I rang the Cat Owners Society of Western Australia and they gave me a few names. I couldn't get hold of any breeders except the last one. Her name was Maureen and she said that she had a 6 month old Tawny Aby kitten who hadn't been taken as she was a bit shy. I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't want to disrespect Honey's memory by getting another Aby so soon but it sounded like this kitten needed some care and love. I went to see the little one last night. Then it clicked. This was the lady that I had bought Honey Boy from 5 years ago! I couldn't believe it! I had no idea it was the same lady!! Once she realised who we were, Maureen even brought out the cat who had sired Honey Boy. It was quite a shock because it was like looking into Honey Boy's face, the resemblance was so close.

As soon as she was placed into my arms, the little Aby began to purr, knead and head-butt my chin. How could I resist??? It seemed her finding me was meant to be. So I'd like to introduce Coco, the 6 month old tawny Abyssinian kitten. Her official name is Glenmaulyn Manees Ku. At the moment, she's a bit timid and is living in my room, snuggled on her heatpad. She loves to be scratched and petted and petted some more. LOL In return, she gives the most wonderful smooches and head-butts. It's only been one day, so Milo and Popcorn and Coco are still hissing at each other but we're just taking it slowly, and hoping that they'll get used to each other bit by bit. I've attached some pictures taken of her with a very small, cheap web cam so they're not the best but you can see how beautiful she already is. Thankyou so much to all those who offered words of solace and condolences on the loss of Honey Boy. I still miss him terribly, and Coco isn't here to replace him but all your wonderful words and prayers and the presence of little Coco are doing a great job in cheering me up.
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And another...
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OK just one more...
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Ok Last one, I promise!:tounge2:
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She is beautiful. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your other kitty, I know how hard it is. I am glad that you found another to help you through the sadness. It does seem like fate intervened to see that you 2 got together.
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Coco is so cute! I am sorry to hear about the passing of Honey Boy, but I am glad to see Coco and you found each other! May you have many happy & fun years ahead with her! What are abbys like? I wonder if they are like the bengal breed?
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I agree with Brenda. I think there are few coincidences. I believe you were led to that breeder. Your new baby is probably family! I'm glad she is easing your pain. Thanks for the pictures; don't apologize. We love to see them! God bless.
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Yes! More pics! More pics!
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Oh Coco is beautiful!!!! And I agree with the others...it was definitely meant to be!!!!! I don't think you are disrespecting Honey Boy's memory at all!! I am sure Honey Boy would want you to take this little kitten in!!! You will love your new kitten, but there will always be a special place in your heart for Honey Boy.
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What a total beauty! I've always believed that the best tribute to a loved one who has passed is to pass that love on to another... Congrats!
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congrats on your new abby! I have an abby also his name is Rocket. His official name is The Ruddy Red Rocket of Sardius. He is a wonderful bundle of energy too! I'm glad you got Coco, and don't worry, you're not disrespecting your Honey Boy. I bet he's the one who pushed you toward Coco.. He knew she needed lovings and that you were the one to give it to her.
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Coco is such a little beauty!
I think that Honey Boy pointed you in the direction of this little fur ball!
Congratulations on your new adoption
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Aww Coco is gorgeous!! I'm sure Honeyboy would be more thaan pleased to know you are giving such a good home to one of his "family"
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Kumbulu - that is such a touching story. I'm so happy that you and Coco have found each other and Honey Boy's memory lives on.
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Coco is just beautiful. I agree with the others, I think Honey Boy pushed a little from the Rainbow Bridge. He knew what a great mommy you will be for this shy little girl. You are right, Coco can never replace Honey Boy, but she can mend a little of that big hole in your heart.
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It seems like it was meant to be! Congrats on your lovely new addition!
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