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New kitten

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Well she was kicked out of her first home for being aggressive to the older cat,(At 8 weeks!)
I have a beautiful 9 month old boy so because they were both kittens I thought they would do well as playmates

He is so placid and patient, but she doesn't seem to give up, she has quite a temper on her.
I have tried water spray, and noise to stop her
I am not sure why shes behaving so badly shes never been hurt in her new home .
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Oh honey, haven't you ever been a young one? Full of good food, hugs and loves? Didn't it just make you want to dance forever? Well, she is.

She sounds like my Tammy-Timmy. "If you don't get out of the way fast enough, Pete, I will bite your hind leg and make you move faster." Sound familiar?

How old is she now?
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She has never been hurt in her new home... But she has been hurt in her
previous home and se does remember it! And its enough for feeling threatened
for a long- long time. What to do? Only patience and loving and no punishment. The most appropriate way to correct cats behaviour is to squirt them with a sguirt gun. Be patient and loving and youll actually see the
rezult! (i am from Russia, so i beg your pardon for my bad English).
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Plus females seem often to just be programmed to be nasty to males at some time - sort of a defense mechanism, even if they're not attacked - they're going to attack first!
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Dear Larke! You are absolutely right about defence mechanism, but it deals
with adults or grown up cats and its a part of sexual behaviour. When males
and females are kittens yet, it doesnt matter.
When kittens fight, they usially establish themselves as dominants. I am a
Cornish Rex breeder,I have 3 females and 2 males at my cattery. Thus I
have an everyday opportunity to deal with my dear kittens. If I could speak
Russian here, I would have told you much interesting about kittens behaviour. (Beg pardon for my bad English).
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Dasvedanya :-)!
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Oh! Bravo. dear Lark!
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