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My kitten has just been diagnosed with lungworm and roundworms. Has anyone else had lungworm with their kitten?
Also, because of this specific parasite, I have to give her powdered dewormer 2x day for 10 days....unfortunately she's extremely picky about her food, loves dry food and pounce treats but snubs her nose at TUNA! Any suggestions on getting her to take her powdered meds? Thank you!
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Just a quick check on the internet.....the cats are infected witht he feline lungworm by ingesting infected snails or slugs, or by eating a paratenic ( by transport) host such as bird or rodent that feeds on snails and slugs. Most infections are asymptomatic....no symptoms.....however, severe infections can cause chronic cough, dyspnea (being short of breath) and debilitation (lethargy).

Did the vet do a check of the airway and perhaps take a biopsy? These worms will also show up in the feces.

This type of infection can be treated by Panacur for 10 - 14 days or Ivomec intravenous once. There can also be prescribed cortisteroids and bronchodilators.

Perhaps you can use the powder and mix in her wet food? If it is water soluable to a degree, do you want to mix some with water and use a syringe to get it into her mouth? She may not like you for a while, but it is important to get the medicine into her.

Sorry about my manners....Welcome to TheCatSite.
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I know you said she eats dry food and is picky, but Fancy Feast (not a good quality wet food but most cats seem to love it) might be worth a try and you could put her medication in that.
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