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We are collecting our (russian blue) kitten in 5 weeks, but will visit him for the first time in 1 week (we're just visiting to meet our kitten and talk to the breeder about getting things ready to bring him home). We've actually been on the breeder's waiting list since before this litter was born so I am really looking forward to when we are finally able to take him home.
In the past, we had a lovely, (very) big DSH ginger male, and losing him was far more devastating than I could have imagined. Earlier this year, we decided we would like another cat. We had a look around for a breed that would suit us, and found a great breeder not too far away - now we just have to wait!
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Welcome to the Cat Site! Lots of new Russian Blue owners lately. Be sure you share some pictures of the new arrival.
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Great to see that I will also be sharing my new experience with a Blue kitten with others!

We decided on a Russian Blue over a year ago. As luck would have it, we also found an old schoolhouse that we have been renovating. So I put off taking a kitten from that litter Now, the house is more manageable for a kitten and I have to just control my extreme excitement for another couple of weeks.

Believe me, I totally share your excitement! Look forward to sharing pics!

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manomi, I'm so glad you're going to be a new kitty mom. It's so exciting to get a new kitten. It does seem to be Russian Blue week, doesn't it? Well they're beautiful cats, and loving too, I understand. We'll look forward to pictures from both of you new moms! Welcome!
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