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We usually stay in-stop at grocery store and have crab and shrimp and lots of high calorie goodies to eat (plus asti or champagne) I cannot usually stay up until midnite though...
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I haven't planned that far ahead yet.
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Well, I guess we're getting old! Last year, hubby and I went to bed a bit early, sat in bed reading, tried to make it to 12--heard the horns, fireworks, etc. in the dark, as we were drifting off to sleep! Wow--how much more exciting can you get???? Seriously, we probably were tired due to having an awful Christmas (rather not discuss it here) that was very stressful to us. I think we just wanted to get the holiday season over with! Hopefully, this year will be better!

I've always hated New Year's Eve, and find it sad. Auld Lang Syne gets me crying (something about that dirgeful tune), and I tend to concentrate on what I failed to accomplish that year; now, it's also missing loved ones who have died. The only one I sort of looked forward to was 1999; but then that was especially sad, as my Dad died in October, 1999--and he wanted to live to see the Year 2000--and almost made it...and my Mom had his ashes in a jar on her lap, watching Dick Clark , which did get a chuckle out of me, despite feeling sad (she wanted him to "see" 2000 arrive!). (My family are loons.)

This year, we have no plans; we'll definitely stay home (too many drunk drivers out there); I'll make a special meal; and we'll probably read, curled up in front of the fireplace, with our kitties. Actually, that sounds quite lovely, doesn't it???

Hope you all have a Very Happy New Year!

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Staying in because John probably wont be well enough to go any where and I'll be hugely pregnant and probably wont want to go anywhere anyways.
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I have no idea yet I may be going to my brother to but idk his wife doesnt like partying with me anymore we are just to fun for her Also that is too far away to plan and well I dont like leaving my kitties for a night
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I'll be up in Scotland at Gils with the men in their kilts!!
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lol nope will be working.
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Staying in this New Years
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I wll be staying in.
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