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Radio question of the day: 11/30/06

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A month from tomorrow night is New Years Eve........will you be going out or staying in?
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Staying in...especially since I am pregnant
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Staying in. Well unless we decide to go out at the last minute. I like staying in better though.
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probably staying in, or I might go out with *gasp* my PARENTS
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Going out... Probably staying out til monday night

I work Xmas day so I party extra-hard on NYE
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Hmmmm last year we had a big shindig at the restaurant. I am thinking this year, I will probably stay home, but that is not a definite.
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We might try inviting some friends over to our place this year (since we've been going over there for years and finally have a place that we can have people over at). Most likely we'll be staying in.
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If my sister and I are staying in we'll throw a party. If not, we'll go to someone else's party, a bar or see a gig if there's an interesting one in town.
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I'll probably be babysitting so my brother and SIL can go out, which is fine with me!
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maybe going out? at long as I'm kissing my hubby I'm happy! He 1st told me he loved me on NYE, under the fireworks.....and he proposed on NYE too....
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I once puked up just seconds before midnight- Epona wasn't best pleased
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Going out! It's my birthday!
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I will probably be going out. / This year, Colin and I are spending Christmas with my family, and then we will be going to Alabama to spend New Years with his family
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post
maybe going out? at long as I'm kissing my hubby I'm happy! He 1st told me he loved me on NYE, under the fireworks.....and he proposed on NYE too....
Jerry proposed on NYE for me too Heather!!
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Probably going to J's sister's New Years' Eve party -- 'cause that's what I've looked forward to all year, spending the night with his family. Seriously, what I'd rather do is stay in and go to bed at a decent time; after midnight is too late for me.
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I don't know yet. We usually end up going out, though.
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We always go to dinner, then come home and have champagne at midnight!!
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probably staying in!! We are dull in our old age!! (ok we're not old, but dull!!)
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I'm not sure - I'd rather stay in, but I'm sure we'll go out with some friends or something.
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Well the plan right now is for us to throw a party- the first one in our new house! The only potential kink is that I told Chad there was no way we were having a party at our place if (A) it isn't 100% spic & span (which it's never been 100% yet!) and (B) the office isn't unpacked/organized/cleaned/set up/etc.

So we'll see.... if we don't have a party we'll probably end up just sitting around at one of our other friends house like we do every night!
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Not too sure yet, but I'm going to put a big push on for going out
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I think we'll go out somewhere because it's our first married NYE.
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Our usual NYE is a late special dinner at home, winding down through dessert until it's time to uncork a bottle of champagne just before midnight, then a toast for the New Year, a kiss or six, and into the sack by not much after 1 am. Sometimes, it includes a few close friends, sometimes not. We haven't got that far in planning for this year yet, but I'd be very surprised if it deviated much from that.
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Not only staying in, but unconscious by that time. Its way past my bedtime. 10pm is late for me. I'm an early morning person. Will possibly be falling asleep watching a video, so DH will wake me up wish me HNY and send me to bed.
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I am not sure yet. Maybe going to a friends house. Probably will just stay home though.
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Probably staying in.....in the 5 years I've been with my husband, we've never gone out and only once has he stayed up till midnight on New Years!
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No, I stay in. The last time I went out it was a bad experience.
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In and Alone Probably for the next lifetime I have no Family left I'm a jack *** I usually cook Steak & Lobster and we just stay in to dangerous well at least I am I guess
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We'll be flying back from Virginia that day so if we're tired from the trip we'll stay in.

If we feel like living it up a little we have an invite to the New Year's Bash at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. We'll see. We went to their Halloween party and it was fun.
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Going to a party...Weeeeeeeeeeeee!
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