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No kill shelters by state...(LI)

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Hi folks,

Thought I'd share with you all my "great" find. It's a list of no kill shelters by state. Should you need one hopefully there'll be one near you. They're wonderful.


They help with all kinds of stuff for strays, abandons, ferals, you name it.


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Elyse! This is invaluable; thank you! I have looked up no-kill shelters and have been able to find them in individual states, but this is comprehensive. I have bookmarked it because I know I will need it in the future. Thank you again.
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It does come in handy as I have found. Granted, not all folks will have one "close by" but even a days drive isn't bad IMHO. My local no kill shelter gets kitties even from the reg kill shelter (they'll send them to them sometimes instead of euthanizing which I think is neat). Glad you liked it...my eyes glittered when I saw it myself!

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Wow! Thanks so much for posting this web site address. It is excellent!
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What about a similar post as a sticky? This information is too valuable to lose!
Thank you for finding this Elyse!
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Debra, That's a great idea. We'll do it!
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I figure it's a great place to start. It's how I got involved with my foster work. Glad it'll be a sticky! Love you all, meow meow and have a good day!


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Another big thank you for posting this information. A co-worker and his wife recently found a very sick stray. They've been caring for her, but the cat they already have has made it quite clear another cat is not acceptable. He was afraid the new one (Cino, from cauppuccino) would end up being put to sleep if they took it to the pound. The information you posted has greatly reassured him that no matter what happens, Cino will be OK.
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As a side note--my 5 yr old cat, Bailey absolutely ABHORRED my other cat Danny--until we got him neutered of course! (both are now neutered and get along wonderfully) but a lot of times it's a territory issue because I think our moving recently helped also.

Glad it helped! Hope the kitty will be ok.

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