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This isn't too much of a problem but

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it does bother me and I figured if there WAS a solution, someone here would have it. The problem is Pansy(1yr.+) always jumps in and takes over when I am trying to play with Spike(2yrs+). thus Spike does not play, and either sits and stares, or walks away and stares. I try putting Pansy on the enclosed porch or in the basement and close the door, but it doesn't work, because he will practically knock the door down, thus creating a distraction for Spike, who can't play because he is distracted. On the rare occasion that we I get to intitiate play with him before Pansy realizes it, I can tell he loves it. WE used to play all the time.

I have three males, fang and spike are best buds, Pansy is the newcomer (its been a year) but he is like a little kid, let me play! Fang is the nurturerer, he grooms them both, and he and Pansy will play with me together and Pansy shares playing with FAng. I suspect there is a competition between spike and pansy, spike was here first and I hate for him to be unhappy. Somtimes Spike is very aggresive and rough with Pansy, and Pansy keeps coming back for more. Sometimes they have freindly chasing too.

Is there going to be a happy ending here? Do you think the vanilla thing would make a difference? They know who they are so, I never did figure how that would make a difference. But would this be a case for it?

Any other suggestions?
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Am I the only one on this whole site with this problem??
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Perhaps the vanilla wouldn't work because I feel this may be a case of jealousy as opposed to a strange cat that we don't recognize.

Can we perhaps pet both at the same time or do we want to limit play and happy time to one cat at a time? If I am petting KittenKiya and Tammy-Timmy comes along, she gets a pet, but I go back to KittenKiya and finish off what I was doing with him.
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Originally Posted by gailuvscats View Post
Am I the only one on this whole site with this problem??
You aren't the only one. When we got Carly, she just loved to play. But Lucy can be such a pain in the tail-end that Carly is always looking over her shoulder. But I haven't found a good solution because like you, when I put Lucy away somewhere, Carly just gets jumpy and looks skittish.

I was hoping you had received an answer.
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My Zander will push whatever cat is on my lap off if he is in the mood or take over play time if I let him. He is very pushy. He doesn't do it all the time but since I like to give each kit alone time with me every day I have taken to playing or petting them when Zander is occupied elsewhere. Usually when the heat kicks in Zander can be found by a heater basking in the warmth. Or when his glitter ball is taking all his attention. I take this opportunity to pay some personal attention to the other kits. But this can be tricky. I also haven't found any other way when Zander really wants to butt in.

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hmm, well thanks, I guess there is not a good solution. Eventually Pansy will grow up a little, maybe he won't be such a butinsky then.
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