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What breed of dog

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I am getting a puppy for christmas i want a toy breed like my maltese stud.
i like shih tzus and bassets and chihuahuas. ary there any breeds that you think would be good for me.
thank you

here is snowball

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I also need names
i thoght about naming her kiss me and calling her mia
what do yall think?
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Bassets are NOT a TOY breed ....

Also we would need more info on lifestyle.. ie walking or jogging buddy or a lap warmer
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What kind of dog is Snowball? I have a Snowball, hes in my avatar. Hes a Bichon.
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i know bassetts arnt toys i just like them
snowball is a maltese
i want a lil dog that is good with kids and cats i want him to be a lap dog
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I would suggest a pekenise ...
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Really? how much are they most of the time?
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I have no idea

but they are a lap dog , lots of grooming and usually great dispoitions
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Bassets are hound dogs and believe me when I tell you that hounds can be very stong willed and active. They were trained to hunt and make decisions on there own and unless you have the patience and persistence to train them, they are not always a good choice.

You should do some digging on what types of dogs fit your lifestyle. There are a lot of sites that give you ideas. Here are a few:

If you do a google search on "choosing dog breeds", you'll find a lot of sites
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oh yes i know
i have every kind if hound you can imagian.
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Hey, I want a basset!!! But, I'm glad you realize that bassets aren't a toy fact, they're huge dogs on short legs. Definitely not a lap dog, either.

What do you mean you have "every kind of hound you can imagine?" Just wondering. Do you mean you have lots of dogs, or you own a lot of hound breeds specifically?

My other question is this...since Snowball is described as a "stud," I'm assuming you breed him to unaltered bitches, or you're planning to in the future. Has Snowball sired any litters? If so, where are the pups now, and how are they doing?

For toy breeds (and I'm really not a small dog person), I love Brussel's Griffins. They are absolutely darling.
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Originally Posted by catbabe12 View Post
oh yes i know
i have every kind if hound you can imagian.
What does this mean? Are you breeding your Maltese (as you state he is a "stud")? Where are his pups going? If Snowball hasn't excelled in his breed standard in terms of being shown, I would advise against breeding him further.
This is where the backyard breeders come in unfortunately.

And how many hounds/dogs do you own now? How many are being bred?
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