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Just a ?

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I had a kitten that was around 3-4 months old that just passed away . Well the pass few days his breathing became very hard.. Right before he passed he actted like he was choking.. Any idea what might have happened? I have more cats and worried that it was something they can get.. Should i be worried?
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Very sorry about your little kittie. Poor little thing. You must be feeling very sad too.

We all here would need some more informatiom before we could hazard a guess as to what happened to your baby.

Was he eating? drinking? using the litter box? lethargic? active? playing? walking OK? Did he have fleas? worms?

Did you call a vet and describe the symptoms, by any chance? What did he/she feel might have been the problem?

This is sad way to welcome you to TCS.
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He wasn't doing a whole lot the pass week. All he was doing was sleeping. The thing is he was around most of our cats. So thats why i asked should i be worried.. I don't know about the other things since i'm not home alot.
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I'm so sorry about your kitten.

None of us here are qualified to diagnose anything, but we might be able to narrow things down a little.

Did he have any mucous around his eyes or nose? Did he sound like he might have had mucous in his windpipe when he breathed or purred?

Had he been tested for diseases by a vet?

Have you buried him already? If not, it might be a good idea to bring his body to a vet and have a necropsy (animal autopsy) done to find out if he may have had a disease that could affect your other cats.
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Already buried him and none called the vet for some reason.. He was in pain though.. I picked him up last night and could see he was in pain.. Also could tell he was. But i couldn't tell if there was mucous in his windpipe. All i know he couldn't breath to well the pass 24 hours. So something was blocking his air ways.
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