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Seeking Kitten Teething Advice...

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Good morning, all.

I apologize in advance if this question has been asked numerous times before, but my husband and I have researched and researched about solutions only to remain unsuccessful. Maybe one of you kind people could help.

Smokey is about 13 weeks old (we adopted him about 2 weeks ago), and recently began the chew on everything in sight. We're assuming he's teething, but all our efforts to keep him from biting cords that can't be hidden, our good sofa, etc. and our hands seem to fail.

We've tried keeping cords out of reach, diverting his attention when he nibbles on us to a toy, using citrus as a repellent, giving him plenty of playtime, making sure he has something to chew on, etc. We don't want to scold harshly or spray him with water, but want to let him know biting (people especially) isn't tolerated.

Would anyone happen to have any further suggestions for us? Also, are we right assuming this is normal behavior (we're first time kitten parents, and first hand experience > the info we've read in our books) for a kitten his age?

He's acting like a normal, curious kitty aside from that. He's completely indoor - if that makes a difference. Had his first check up two weeks ago and was healthy. He's also getting his Rabies vaccine in early December (that wouldn't be why he's biting, would it!? I know that might sound ridiculous to worry about that... but I'm extremely paranoid).

Thank you so much for any advice you can give. Smokey thanks you, too!
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my cat liked ( and still likes) to gnaw on heavy paper knots. when i call knotty kot she comes running to play withone. when she wa steething I dipped a few in water and froze them so when she chewed on them the ice would sooth her gums. you could make any of favorite toys icy if you dont mind the water when they melt.
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Oh thank you! We never even thought of freezing his toys. That's a great idea! We put one in the 'fridge and will see how it helps.
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Mine chewed on cords when they were teething, and Bella will still chew on hard plastic things when given a chance (You should see the rod on the blinds that changes how they're tilted. It looks like a bomb went off inside it). Rowan preferred my fingers, but he got over it. And he thankfully never chewed hard.

I never thought to freeze anything, either. The paper knots, are they just regular printer paper, folded or rolled up, and then tied in a knot?
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the paper knots are rolled corded paper used for the handles of shopping bags but no dye. after i learned how much she loved them i bought a large roll and keep replacing the originals.

not only are they great to chew on they can skid across hardwood floors like a hockey puck.
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