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Goodbye, Sheba

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My sister had to let dear little Sheba cross the bridge yesterday. Sheba was 15 y/o, and my sis had her & her brother Akbar since they were kittens. Akbar passed a few years ago. Sheba had developed a tumor on her upper lip; it had been removed several times, but the root of it was just too deep. She finally developed kidney problems, and my sister & her DH made that incredibly hard decision.
I hope Sheba has found her brother again, and he's showing her the ropes.
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Very sad headbuts and tearful, sorry licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Bless her heart Sheba will be well over the bridge now, and her brother will have taken her to her new home

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Rest in Peace Sheba
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My condolences to your sister on the loss of her sweet Shebea. RIP pretty girl.
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Condolences on your family's loss.

Rest in peace Sheba. You and Akbar enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge.
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Precious with your brother Akbar at the Bridge sweetie pie.
RIP Sheba.
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RIP Sweet Little Sheba
your brother Akbar is there to hold your paw - you can run & play, the love from below will make you happy again
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I am sure Sheba and Akbar are purring up a storm and playing hard at the Rainbow Bridge. My condolences to you and your sisters family.

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Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge Sheba
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Condolences to all on the sad loss of Sheba. Bless your sis for having the courage to give her beloved one the peace and dignity of a painless crossing - the decision is an awful one to make, but the right choice for Sheba! Godspeed over RB, Sheba, and enjoy your reunion with Akbar; someday your meommy will join you again, this time forever!
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I´m so sorry for your loss...

RIP sweet Sheeba...
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