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Amazing web

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Two years ago, found these in my patio garden. Looked up the spider to determine if poisonous. It's an argiope and harmless. Look at that web! They were not there for long, two spiders made three webs. I'm not a spider enthusiast but somehow I felt honored.

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Wow, that web is really cool!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeek at the spidey though
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oh I was looking for the link to a web page

just like silk, which of course, it is, but what an interesting shape
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no I got the willies very cool web though
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That's a fairly common garden spider here in the Carolinas. They get huge and make giant webs. Very beneficial for getting rid of insect pests. Not fun to walk into one of their webs by mistake and then not be able to locate the spider right away.
If your's disappeared quickly, they were probably taken by mud-daubers, since they prey on them heavily when the spiders are still small.
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Yes, no fun to walk into! We've had some very determined individuals who constantly try to place their web across our sidewalk. I started brandishing my cane as I go from the house to the car.
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Wow, a really interesting looking web. I thought of a web page at first too.
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kinda cool, but I don't want it in or around my house *ACK*
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eeeeeeeeeeeek! spider!!!!!!!!!!!
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EEEEEEEEECK! I hate spiders. I have no idea why, but that image gave me the major willies.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
eeeeeeeeeeeek! spider!!!!!!!!!!!
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