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the Daily Thread Thursday Nov 30

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Morning all!

Almost Friday and almost the weekend again. Company Christmas party is this weekend, so that should be interesting. Wonder who will regret being squiffy and saying something they shouldn't have? Not me, I learned years ago to behave at those things or don't even go.

Good reminder for today's holiday. Your PC gets sick, no TCS!

Hope Miss Mew is having fun on her "official" honeymoon this week. Bet she has some pics to share next week.

Have a great day everyone!
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Morning Housework night tonight, then getting the baubles, tinsel etc... ready to put my tree up on saturday
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Recovering from an ice storm and waiting for the big snow to hit later today. I've got to get my dogs to the vets to board for the weekend and the cats ready as we're supposed to leave for Charleston in the morning for my niece's wedding. That is, if the flights aren't cancelled and we can actually get to the airport.

I'm going to work from home and hopefully get some packing and cleaning done in between conference calls. It's great to be able to work from home on these days!

I woke up at 3:30 with a sinus headache and couldn't go back to sleep. So I took some medicine and still can't fall back asleep. I'm not usually up this early! It's going to be long stressful day.
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Good morning everyone!

I had a horrible night of trying to sleep last night I don't know if it's the kink in my back or the fact that were going on our holiday tomorrow and I'm just excited.

It's going to be a rainy windy day here today, but at least it's warm

Have a great day all!
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Morning all

Hey Neet, did you know MY party is this weekend too?? We might be enjoying steak at the very same time

At this very moment I am playing some fetch with Trout...She found one of her foam balls under the couch and she was as happy as a kid on Christmas morning She is meow screaming at me to throw it again Man, do I love her

Anyway, today is cake day at work..someones birthday, so I get to eat cake...weeeeeeeeeeeee!! The day after I succumbed to joining an insanely strict eating regime...That should be interesting......"cake what cake"?

Anyhoo have a great day everyone
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Hello all,

Well I am battening down the hatches for the estimated 10 mm of freezing rain and 5-10 cm of snow for tomorow.

Wish me luck
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Well, there will be no damn singing today. I got hit on the way to work this morning.

I am so angry.

Anyway we are freezing here in Tucson, Arizona, no hummers out, I think they froze to the trees, lost a few plants outside already, didn't see my ferals this morning at all, they were hunkered down and warm somethere else, my insiders slept with me until 2:30 am when they decided to practice the rumba on my arms and legs.and I am at work fuming, called the insurance company already, called the cops twice and no one showed up.......not a good way to start the day.
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Sorry to read about the accident-its such a pain to deal with.

Well we are about 24 degrees colder than yesterday-some snow coming later this evening.
I was cooking some 5 minutes oatmeal when I took a closer look in the kettle and there were DEAD BUGS IN THE OATMEAL!!! I almost puked!! I dumped that out and checked the rest of the dry oatmeal and had more bugs-its getting tossed too. And that was a fairly new container. SO GROSS!!!!
So I had toast instead.
Anyhow finished another SS gift one more to complete then I can mail out!!
Got all the Christmas decoration bins out now just have to start decorating!!
That is about all I have on tap for today.
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Good Morning! well I got approved for a whopping $155 loan. Christmas money i guess. Other than that i have a little filing left to finish from October an then I will be able to start of November. Yay. Not!
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Back to work today. I don't want to go.
I so enjoyed the time I had off. I wasn't stressed, angry, upset anything but happy.

At least the house is deep cleaned. I cleaned closets, cabinets, everything.
Now at least when it gets dirty again, I won't feel as bad since I know I actually did clean it in the last month.
Momofmany-becareful of that snow, it's nasty. Pretty but nasty. You too Sibohan2005
KittenKiya sorry to hear about your accident. That sucks when the police don't show up. The important part is you're ok.
GailC- dead bugs are just a little more protein!
Phenomsmom congrats on that loan! Off to buy a house!? Why such a small amount?

Have a great day everyone.
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Morning all you gorgeous people!:wave: Today I woke up at noon (i worked late last night and did some homework after i got home). Today I don't have to work . I have 3 literary reviews to write on sexuality today for my Psych II class tomorrow. In a little bit, i will be going to pick up my pay check and then swing by my house to check on my girls. Hehe, and Colin's Christmas presents arrived at the house a few days ago, so i will wrap them and bring them over to his house and hide them Also, a ton of our arts/crafts type stores are having huge christmas sales, so i will probably stop by one or two of those and see what i can find for christmas presents / Oh yes, and all 5 boys are being little hellian today, so we'll see if they make it through the day without me ringing their necks those little stinkers already destroyed the tassle on my table runner, two of them went for a 'swim' in Fosters huge water bowl, and one tried...key word tried, to "visit" the Christmas tree
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